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Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising + Public Relations

Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising + Public RelationsPhone (502) 589-7711
307 W Muhammad Ali BlvdFax (502) 589-0390
307 West Muhammad Ali BoulevardURL
Louisville, KY 40202Contact Mark Carroll
Privately Held
Woman Owned
(A woman-owned business is a proprietorship, partnership, corporation or joint venture that is 51% owned, operated and controlled by one or more women.)
Our expertise is on Brand Development. "If you don't get the Brand right, nothing else matters."
About us...We are an advertising and public relations firm started by three entrepreneurs. The culture is one of creative entrepreneurship – if you can think of an idea and make it make good business sense, it will be brought to life. The meek do not inherit anything here. We create Client relationships through teamwork. We create Client relationships that last longer than most. We have no CEO, COO or President. So the organization is flatter than most. Nimbler too. And a little quirky. Not to mention an organization where ownership is involved and engaged on every client, from the biggest to the smallest.


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Bandy Carroll Hellige
The Bandy Carroll Hellige Building, 307 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 589-7711
Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising + Public Relations
307 W Muhammad Ali Blvd,
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 589-7711
Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising + Public Relations
307 W Muhammad Ali Blvd,
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 589-7711
Bandy Carroll Hellige
101 West Ohio Street, Ste. 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 684-7711


Office Employees0-50
Total US0-50
Total Worldwide0-50
Susan Bandy, Partner
Who would have thought someone with a BA in Theater Arts would get their first break crunching numbers in one of the world’s largest financial districts. But back in 1981, after graduating from Indiana University, Susan launched a whirlwind business career in Sector Analysis Research for institutional investors on Wall Street. It was during this dynamic tenure she faced such market impacts as the divestiture of AT&T, new government regulations in hospital management regarding cost containment and the introduction of drug reinforcement guidelines into the health care industry. Then in 1990 Susan became the first name in advertising (literally) at Bandy Carroll Hellige and has since applied her extensive research experience in the food and beverage industry to over a decade of new product launches for McDonald’s – a client on which she devotes most of her time. And thanks to Susan’s background, advertising’s typical “drama” is always kept well under control.
Mark Carroll, Partner
A lightning quick pace and the ability to manage last minute changes are the order of the day in the newsroom. They’re also pretty handy if you head up your own advertising agency. Just ask Mark - he’s done both. It was at Louisville’s Pulitzer Prize winning daily paper, the Courier-Journal, where Mark launched his advertising career. Then in 1982, he took his trademark ability to thrive in a high-paced, high-pressure environment and broke into the agency side of advertising. Since then, Mark has overseen numerous new product and service launches with clients that include Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harris Corporation, Digital Processing Systems, Colgate Palmolive and McDonald's. And it was a great day in 1989 when Mark, along with Susan Bandy and Tim Hellige, created Bandy Carroll Hellige – a full service agency and PR firm that’s ready to handle all your newspaper advertising… and your TV, your radio, your web site or anything else your communications strategy might need.
Tim Hellige, Partner
Because most of his career has involved working with consumer and retail products and services, few people have the branding experience (and range) of Tim Hellige. After earning his undergraduate degree in marketing from the University of Louisville and an MBA from Bellarmine University, Tim took worked on notable Fortune 500 companies like American Airlines, Hibernia Corporation and Oldsmobile. Before entering the ad agency business he was the National Advertising Manager for Devoe Paint. And, at BCH, Tim has been a powerful hands-on force behind brands like the Louisville Zoo, World Championship Wrestling, Bluegrass Cellular, Four Roses Bourbon, Mid America Bancorp, Cucos Mexican Cafe, Time Saver Stores and, one of his biggest brand image accomplishments, the new Frazier Historical Arms Museum. But Tim has always been ready for a challenge. That’s why back in 1989, when he was presented with the opportunity to buy out Bon Advertising with Susan and Mark and start Bandy Carroll Hellige, he took it without a second thought – after all, it was just another new brand he knew he was ready to launch.
Gary Sloboda, Partner
Every morning people gather in Gary’s office to hear him describe what he made for dinner last night. Oh sure, he’s a great cook; but he’s an even better storyteller. In fact, he’s one of Louisville’s best. He’s responsible for unforgettable lines (“Somebody’s Gonna’ Win. It Might As Well Be You.”), earned national recognition for highly effective advertising (One Show, CA, Clio, D & AD, NY Festivals, National Addys and NY Art Directors Club) and has been part of more new product launches than even Procter & Gamble. And Gary knows his stuff when it comes to branding. In fact, he’s been invited by graduate schools to offer seminars on the subject. He’s worked for some of the best agencies in the region, including Ketchum Advertising in Pittsburgh, Sive/Young & Rubicam in Cincinnati, Zero Base Advertising in Columbus, Muller + Company in Kansas, Doe Anderson in Louisville and, of course, is now a partner at Bandy Carroll Hellige. And if you think all that is impressive, just wait ‘till you hear him describe dessert.
Matt Kamer, Partner
Doughnuts to dental insurance. Airports to casinos. Matt has worked his magic for a broad and interesting array of clients during his twelve years in PR, including Krispy Kreme, Toyota Manufacturing, Caesars Indiana, Louisville Regional Airport Authority. Of course, his highest profile stint was as Deputy Communications Director for Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, where he developed strategies, held news conferences, created media materials, and conducted media training for key administration staff. Matt’s a solid pro at media and community relations, market introduction, and issue and crisis management – one of those people who is so good you wonder what you ever did without him.

Clients & Brands

Agency Clients And Brands
Client Name: Arby''s
Start Date: 7/1/2017
Client Name: Four Roses Bourbon
Start Date: 6/1/2004
Client Name: Delta Dental
Start Date: 8/1/1998
Client Name: Kentucky Lottery
Start Date: 7/1/2009
Client Name: Green District
Start Date: 11/1/2020
Client Name: Republic Bank
Start Date: 1/1/2014
Client Name: Louisville Metro Sewer District
Start Date: 1/1/2015
Client Name: Louisville Tourism
Start Date: 7/1/2005

Billings & Revenue

Number of Clients
Billing less than $1 Million
and/or Agency Revenue less than $200 Thousand
Billing between $1.1 - $3 Million
and/or Agency Revenue between $201 - $600 Thousand
Billing between $3.1 - $5 Million
and/or Agency Revenue between $601 Thousand- $1 Million
Billing between $5.1 - $10 Million
and/or Agency Revenue between $1.1 Million- $2 Million
Total gross media placed by this office
Under $50 Million
Allocation percent of media placed by this office
Local Broadcast5%
Out of Home10%
Digital (Internet, Mobile, SEM, Viral)80%

Specialized Services

10%Brand ConsultingEnter optional description

2%Business-to-BusinessEnter optional description

5%Corporate CommunicationsEnter optional description

5%DesignEnter optional description

8%Digital/Interactive | Blogging Discussion forums, community buildingEnter optional description

2%Digital/Interactive | Search Engine MarketingEnter optional description

5%Digital/Interactive | Website development, hosting, monitoringEnter optional description

3%Direct MarketingEnter optional description

3%Marketing Data AnalyticsEnter optional description

20%Media BuyingEnter optional description

5%Media PlanningEnter optional description

12%New Product DevelopmentEnter optional description

15%Public Relations

5%Sales PromotionEnter optional description

Industry Experience

Automotive | aftermarket
Business Services & office products
Consumer Services
Entertainment & Culture | amusement parks
Financial services | banking
Financial services | credit cards
Financial services | investments
Food & Beverage | alcoholic beverages
Food & Beverage | food
Gambling | lotteries
Government | economic development
Healthcare | direct to consumer (DTC)
Healthcare | hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical services
Healthcare | managed care
Healthcare | medical products
Healthcare | pharmaceutical
Non-profit, associations & public services
Public Relations
Real Estate | buildings & construction
Travel | tourism