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Lisa Abbatiello, CEO
Take a close look at Lisa’s genetic code and you’ll find a section that clearly reads B2B. Maybe that’s because her father ran an agency of his own. Or maybe it’s because she’s spent more than 20 years helping clients – and the category – grow. Along the way she’s not only earned a listing in Who’s Who in B2B, she’s helped change what B2B means in the first place.

On the path from account exec to CEO, Lisa saw how diverse the business audience can be. “We talk to everyone from a boardroom full of high-level decision makers to everyday consumers who might be turning a business trip into an extended vacation,” she says.

That breadth of expertise has helped the agency land clients like Stanley and Avis. “They’re clients that go beyond what people think of as traditional B2B. But it’s still about talking to that specialized audience. Showing that we understand them on their own level.”

Outside of the office, Lisa can be found at home in Westchester, spending time with her husband and three kids. Whether she passed on the famous Abbatiello advertising gene remains to be seen.
Gene Campanelli, Creative Director
After having second thoughts about a life spent fixing photocopiers, Gene quit engineering school and spent a day at his dad’s agency. “I couldn’t believe people were getting paid to be creative for a living,” he says.

As Creative Director, Gene engineers the agency’s output. “The stories we need to tell tend to be quite specific. They require a real reverence for the strategy. And that means being surrounded by a team you absolutely trust.”

That trust has led him to work with partner Peter Powell for more than a decade. “You develop a kind of shorthand that allows the work to flow smoothly. We even eat lunch together every day.”

When he’s not tinkering with the next campaign, Gene’s tinkering with his motorcycle. “I had to put the bike away while I was raising kids,” he says. “Now that they’re older I’ve gotten back into riding. It’s all about returning to a kind of freedom and simplicity – which ultimately finds its way back into the work.”
Peter Powell, Creative Director
One day back in Oxford, England, Pete was faced with a choice: sail around the world, or stay and work at an ad agency. He chose the more adventurous path and stayed at the agency.

Since then, Pete has been navigating the world of advertising, helping brands venture into new territory and claim it as their own. As Creative Director, he’s always looking for better ways to help clients tell their stories. “People sometimes act like B2B stands for ‘brick to brick,’” he says. “Like it’s two massive forces trying to talk to one another. We take a more human-to-human approach.”

This means getting up close and personal with clients and their audiences. “We break complex decision-making units into their constituent roles and talk to them like real people,” he says. “And you just can’t do that without intimately understanding your clients. Besides, when you’re venturing into new waters, you have to know your crew.”
Martyn Clarkson, Strategy Director
Martyn loves the story of Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa who partnered with Sir Edmund Hillary to be the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. “I’m from a country that always asks, why not? Why can’t we do this better? Why can’t we climb that mountain?” It’s a national trait that helps New Zealand punch above its weight on a global scale. And it’s an attitude that has shaped Martyn’s personal ambitions as much as his career. “I would have been a criminal psychologist if I hadn’t been drawn to advertising and communications. I’ve always been fascinated by the motivations of individuals and how we interact. I chose advertising because understanding the behaviors and motivations of groups is just plain harder to do.“

Martyn says “Why not?” a lot. From climbing mountain passes in the Himalayas for himself to pushing strategy for clients across Leo Burnett Business and the Publicis Groupe, Martyn is driven to constantly figure out limitations and then several ways to get around them.
Jenny Clark, Accounts Director
Talk with Jenny and you’d never guess she spends so much time in a Manhattan high-rise.
“What do I love? Anything with my family outside,” she says. “That’s my passion.”

When she’s not in the great outdoors, Jenny’s busy making brands look just plain great. Over the course of her career, Jenny has built brands and businesses across a huge number of categories, including entertainment, finance, travel, luxury goods and consumer goods.

Prior to joining Leo Burnett Business, Jenny held senior-level positions at top-tier agencies, working on noted clients such as HBO, Virgin Atlantic Airways and McDonald’s.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Jenny in the vast uncharted wilderness of Rye, NY, with her daughter, Lindsay, and husband, Chris.