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David Rainwater, Chief Executive Officer
“It’s all about solutions.”

David Rainwater is an avid subscriber to this theory. From finding the right approach to help clients better engage their customers to discovering ways to create great, long-lasting client relationships, David has been generating winning ideas at Mangan Holcomb Partners for two decades. But he’ll be the first to tell you that solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Each unique challenge requires fresh and innovative thinking from the entire agency team – creative to PR to media to accounting. In fact, it is the creativity spawned by the problem-solving process that allows your business to flourish. David believes that effective and well-designed strategies benefit the client more than quick fixes. And our clients agree.
Sharon Vogelpohl, President
“Whatever it takes”

When it comes to meeting client service needs and accomplishing client objectives, no one is more energetic and determined than Sharon Tallach Vogelpohl. She is passionate and innovative in integrating traditional and nontraditional strategies to achieve results for agency clients. As long as it’s ethical and legal, it’s fair game. Sharon’s philosophy also emphasizes the importance of the client’s role in developing and executing successfully integrated programs. While we’re experts in the advertising and marketing business, we realize that you’re the expert when it comes to your business. That’s why active client participation and input is what makes good campaigns great. Sharon’s dynamism and responsiveness have garnered tremendous success and client delight throughout her tenure at Mangan Holcomb.
Chip Culpepper, Chief Creative Officer
“A great idea doesn’t care who had it.”

This is the essence of Chip Culpepper’s philosophy, which has shaped Mangan Holcomb Partners’ creative efforts for more than a decade. The seed of a powerful idea doesn’t always have to be planted by a copywriter or art director, but may sprout from an accountant or a worker on the production line. Therefore, ego-less collaboration with clients (who actually DO know their own business better than we do) is key to creating successful branding. The real art of creativity is not in the responsibility for generating every idea, but in realizing, identifying and cultivating those ideas with the most potential and then crafting a compelling and believable story that tugs at the emotions or builds an irrefutable, logical case – or even better, does both.
Karon Mann, Vice President of Finance and Administration
“It’s all about client value.”

After 27 years with Mangan Holcomb Partners, it’s fair to say that Karon Mann has this accounting thing down pat. Our agency’s success can be largely attributed to client-centered financial practices. We work closely with our clients on a job-by-job basis to stay within their budgets, and also to ensure that they have a crystal-clear understanding of all financial matters along the way. This vigilance averts unpleasant surprises down the road and allows us to build and maintain solid, trusting relationships with our clients. Karon’s unmatched knowledge of the unique demands of advertising accounting paves the way for the profitable and efficient management of our agency in this fast-paced industry that we love.
Barbara King Dozier, Media Director
“Advertising doesn’t work if people don’t see it.”

For 30 years, Barbara has refined the art of negotiation to benefit a client’s media advertising plan. Early in her career, she worked as a radio sales rep, giving her insider’s knowledge into the intricate network of media sales, which she has since cultivated into successful negotiations to the advantage of agency clients. As media director, Barbara focuses her time and talents on understanding a client’s business objectives and creating an advertising strategy that will help the client meet those objectives. In creating a media strategy, she identifies target audiences and analyzes their characteristics and media-usage habits, researches media markets, negotiates rates, added-value opportunities and promotions, and provides in-depth post-buy analyses. Barbara has put her extensive skills to work for a diverse range of clients and at some of Arkansas’ best-known advertising agencies, effectively and strategically negotiating broadcast, print, outdoor and digital/interactive media.