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Mintz & Hoke Inc.

Mintz & Hoke Inc.Phone (860) 678-0473
40 Tower LaneFax (860) 679-9850
Avon, CT 06001-4222URL
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Privately Held
Mintz + Hoke is an award-winning full-service advertising agency founded on the principle of uncovering unmet, often unseen, customer needs. For 50 years, we have applied this Immersively Different philosophy to everything we do. Our approach is to deeply immerse ourselves into the lives of our clients’ customers. We need to truly understand what motivates those you’re targeting before we can deliver work that truly motivates. It’s a process that goes well beyond standard research and customary data digs. It’s about being scrappy, nimble, proactive and curious. What it’s not about is us. In fact it’s not about you either. It’s about those customers of yours and getting into their heads to change the way they think. That’s what we do. Along the way we deliver tools like brand architectures, message matrices and actionable strategies so that together, we can deliver work that’s as creative as it is effective.