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Partners + Napier NYC (PNYC)

Partners + Napier NYC (PNYC)Phone (212) 401-7799
11 East 26th Street Fax (212) 401-7801
10th FloorURL
New York, NY 10010Contact Matt Dowshen
Privately Held
Partners + Napier NYC (PNYC) is a full-service brand strategy and creative agency that partners with innovative marketers to build brands and communications grounded in real world insights for real world impact.

We at PNYC are expats from the world’s most successful and creative agencies with decades of combined experience and a long resume of groundbreaking work. Looking at the state of advertising, we saw an industry increasingly distracted by the hype and complexity of the digital world. We experienced how huge networks promising “integrated solutions” were not structured to deliver due to paralyzing silos and competing P&Ls. And we saw creative hot shops chasing fame by throwing
up TV gags and digital one-offs that were ultimately unmoored from the real lives of real people. We created PNYC to reclaim the collaboration, honesty, and grounding in reality required to build strong and lasting client relationships, powerful brands, and culture changing creative work.

PNYC is sibling to Partners + Napier, Inc., a 120-person agency based in Rochester, NY, founded in 2004 by CEO Sharon Napier. We are 100% owned by Project: WorldWide, one of the world’s largest independent agency networks and the world’s leading experiential marketing network. Project: WorldWide brings together a select group of specialized, like-minded agencies of all different skill sets and backgrounds that complement each other in order to provide the world’s best marketing solutions for our clients’ brands.