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St. John & Partners

St. John & PartnersPhone ((90) 4) -281-2500
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We define the difference between St. John & Partners and other firms in our brand position, MAKERS OF MEANING.

The base inference of “makers” is the sense of being hands-on. Our agency’s success has always been rooted in being in-market, in-store, in customers’ homes. Technology doesn’t change that.

The second inference of “makers” is the challenge and opportunity to create and to build. From new product extensions to new forms of content, from new packaging to new technology, we are, and will increasingly become, makers every bit as much as communicators.

The third inference of “makers” is the recognition that we must provide value at every stage of the process. There is no room and no need for “agents” or middlemen. We don’t provide access, we create meaning.

For our clients, Makers of Meaning is the promise of an engaged team and an active participant in their business. The promise of a team that will bring ideas and invention to marketing communication. A team that will understand and reflect their brand’s purpose.

Clients experience the benefit of having us work alongside them to create solutions for the challenges they face and identify new opportunities for success. This high-touch approach to business, combined with our ability to help clients identify and make sense of market factors and trends, makes us a partner and not just a vendor.