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Bernstein-Rein Advertising

Bernstein-Rein AdvertisingPhone (816) 960-5000
4600 Madison AvenueFax (816) 399-6000
Kansas City, MO 64112URL
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Every connection begins with a touch. Of hands. Or minds. Or hearts. At BR, we connect brands with people. In ways that stick.

Our work hangs around. It becomes family. Finds a seat at the dinner table. And suddenly, the consumer becomes a person. And the brand becomes a part of them. A part that thinks. And shares. And taps their devices and gets involved in a much larger conversation. Moving forward along the journey. Always forward, keeping the conversation going. And growing. And working. Along the way, we constantly learn. Because we constantly do. We are a creative factory. A group of what-iffers and why-notters and never-say-noers. Stubbornly independent. Completely original. Believers in making a connection. With one simple touch. It's what we do. It's who we are.

We are B-R. We connect.