Glass Ladder Series: Being a Working Mother in Advertising: It’ll Never Be Easy, But It’s Definitely Doable

February 4, 2016
1 - 2 PM EST
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Being a mother is hard. Being a working mother in advertising is ridiculously hard. Demanding client schedules and commercial shoots across the country can often conflict with your desire for work-life balance and your perceived ability to be a good mother.
Creating a career in advertising that you love while also feeling good about being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, volunteer, etc., is a major challenge. And just like “One Size Fits All” doesn’t work — one strategy doesn’t fit every woman’s professional or personal goals.
On February 4, based on research with more than 5,000 working mothers across the country, Katherine Wintsch, CEO, The Mom Complex, will share what no one else is willing to say about the struggles working mothers face when trying to do it all. You’ll leave this webinar with a deep sense of relief that you’re not alone and that you can, in fact, make it work.
You’ll also collect tips and tricks from other working moms in the industry that you can immediately implement in order to find personal and career success without losing your sanity.
  • Perfection Rejection: How to be a high performer in the advertising industry without being perfect 
  • Balance Be Gone: How to drop the illusive balancing act while finding fulfillment at work and at home 
  • Courageous Planning: How to find and leverage the courage to create a deeply fulfilling career path
  • Asking for Help: How to embrace your village at work and at home to get the support you deserve
Who Should Attend?
This webinar is ideal for working mothers across all levels and departments.
About Your Webinar Leader:
Katherine Wintsch, founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, is a leading expert on modern motherhood and what it takes to keep working mothers in the workforce. A 15-year veteran of the advertising industry, Katherine leverages her rich personal experience as well as primary research that has been featured by The Today Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company. Katherine and her team regularly consult with companies across the country to recruit and retain top working- mom talent.    
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