2015 Digital Trends Roundup and the Forecast for 2016: Innovation Evolutions That Have Won Consumers, Clients and Awards

December 3, 2015
1 - 2 PM EST
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We are constantly bombarded with new and exciting creative technologies, which rock the world of marketing and open up new possibilities for brands to attract, engage, locate, convert and retain customers. Keeping up with the latest cutting-edge developments in programmatic, mobile, digital and social media is essential––and so is making sense of what they mean for you and your clients!
On December 3, Nick New, Managing Director of The Knowledge Engineers, will help make sure you are current with the big technology disruptions of 2015 and the continuing innovations coming online in 2016, both for your clients and your own business.
  • Mobile first becoming more of a reality; how mobile has evolved in 2015 and what that means for the mass market consumer brands e.g., mobile payment, mobile experiences and new platforms 
  • How programmatic buying is changing the face of advertising and opening up new opportunities for agencies
  • Innovations in frictionless commerce, and turning engagement into activation
  • Connected homes, wearable technology and how technology is getting more involved with our daily lives
  • Plus, a peek at the trends, and some surprises we can expect to dominate the digital market in 2016.
Who Should Attend?
This webinar is ideal for all agency staff but essential for those people charged with inspiring and leading the client in New Business, Account, Planning and Creative teams.
What Can You Expect from this Webinar?
A review of some of the most important social, mobile and creative technology trends from 2015, and a look at what will be forthcoming in 2016.
About Your Webinar Leader:
Nick New has spent the past 10 years developing digital best practice, and is Managing Director of The Knowledge Engineers. Over the last 5 years, Nick has been working with marketers, advertising agencies, and media owners globally to develop digital vision and capability.
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