Company Cultures: A Competitive Advantage?

October 29, 2015
1 - 2 PM EDT
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Your company’s culture may be one of the most misunderstood and under-utilized tools for productivity, workplace engagement and satisfaction. Everyone thinks their company has a culture but few can articulate it, understand how it comes to be and how it can actually be a competitive advantage.
This webinar breaks down what a culture is and isn’t, the ways it can increase productivity and how it must be consciously conceived, installed and instilled. It examines the role of owners/employers in creating the culture and the role of employees in nurturing it.
On October 29, join Pat Doody, leader of Seattle-based agency WONGDOODY for 21 years, as he explains and reviews:
•  The practical definition of culture
•  Why strong cultures are not organic
•  Why your culture is not your brand
•  How cultures define behavior
•  The commitment it takes from both employer and employee to build and sustain a culture
•  The relationship of company values and culture
•  The link between culture and business results
•  Why your culture is not your mission statement
•  When cultures are strong and when they are fragile.
Who Should Attend
This webinar is a must for any founder or owner of an agency or business (or anyone who has designs on starting a company); senior-level managers responsible for overall workplace performance; department heads; anyone with multiple direct reports; and everyone who wants to maximize their workplace experience.
About Your Webinar Leader
Pat Doody was a founding partner of WONGDOODY, named 2013 “Small Agency of the Year” by Ad Age. After selling his share of the agency in January 2013, Pat has been coaching small business owners and giving keynote addresses on a variety of subjects related to ownership, leadership and culture.
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