Branded Content and Native Advertising

October 13, 2015
1 - 2 PM EDT
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 Branded content and native advertising represents a paradox – while recognized as one of the industry’s largest growth areas, their tactics are among the industry’s most ill-defined. Forecasts for branded content show it growing at roughly 20% a year, from a $10-billion-dollar marketplace in 2014 to $25 billion in 2019–with almost 70% of marketers saying they intend to spend more on branded content this year than last.
This trend, of course, is based on the media marketplace’s powerful shift away from traditional “interruptive” forms of advertising, towards a more direct value exchange with audiences. Give them something they want to read, watch or share, and you’ll earn their attention–instead of requiring it. This consumer-driven shift has created a disruption that some have keenly taken advantage of, while others struggle to adapt. Clients, agencies and media companies are all redefining their business models to most adeptly serve this savvier consumer.
On October 13 at 1 PM, join Pat Connolly, SVP of Strategy for 23 Stories, Condé Nast’s branded content studio, as he addresses the following topics:
  • How is the evolution of branded content and native advertising requiring shifts in traditional business models?
  • How do we define what is and isn’t native/branded content? 
  • Overview of the different types of native ads.
  • How do we know if it’s working?
  • What role does programmatic play in the native marketplace, both now and in the future?
  • Given that this growing marketplace is still in its early stages, what should we expect in the future?
What You Can Expect From This Webinar:
You will hear about the various definitions of native advertising, dive deep into the spectrum of opportunities that exist in the marketplace, and discover the best way to define what’s right for you or your clients. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a 101 on the space, or an experienced practitioner looking to fine-tune your craft, you’ll walk away from this webinar with practical knowledge.
Who Should Attend?
This webinar is ideal for executives at all levels, but is especially relevant for those in branded content roles; or in media planning and buying roles that span into the creation and distribution of content, including native advertising. It will appeal as well to any agency personnel who want to improve their understanding of how branded content works, and what makes it so important to the future of marketing.
About Your Webinar Leader:
As the founder and SVP, Head of Strategy for 23 Stories, the branded content studio at Condé Nast, Pat Connolly oversees the creative and activation groups that are charged with concepting and executing branded content programs, by leveraging the extensive content creation and distribution resources inside the Condé Nast brand portfolio.  
Prior to joining Condé Nast, Pat was a Senior Vice President, Group Director Media & Marketing at Digitas, leading the Global Advertising business for Delta Air Lines and the Kraft Foods CRM media relationship. Mr. Connolly was also the North American media lead for the Digitas Mobile practice, leading key partnerships with platforms and vendors including DoubleClick, Google and Millennial Media.
Pat Connolly was awarded the 2014 IAB Service Excellence award, and was named one of Ad Age’s “40 under 40” in 2013. He holds a B.A. degree in English Literature from the University at Buffalo and a Master’s in Marketing Communications from Florida State University.
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