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Member Bulletins
AAAA Bulletins provide news and information on a variety of topics relevant to agencies, ranging from Diversity Matters to Management Matters, Media Matters to Research Matters. Bulletins are available to AAAA members only.
04/14/2008 Media Matters | Prolonged Primary Season, Close Races Contribute to Tight Media Market for the Rest
03/31/2008 Media Matters | Updated Directory of Media Software
03/24/2008 2008 O'Toole Awards Finalists
03/17/2008 Independent Contractor Information
02/27/2008 Media Matters | Updated Progress Report of On-Demand Guidelines' Adoption by Platform
02/25/2008 Media Matters | AAAA and ANA Encourage Formation of Intergration Fees Task Force
02/20/2008 Media Matters| Interactive Television's Future
02/11/2008 Print Matters | AAAA Partners with IDEAlliance on the 2008 Print Proofing Systems Summit
02/11/2008 Media Matters | Engaging People With Digital Out-of-Home Media
02/06/2008 Media Matters | Netpop®: A Comprehensive Examination of the U.S. Broadband Consumer
02/04/2008 Media Matters | Updated Local Cable Posting Recommendations
01/29/2008 Nancy Hill Named President-CEO of the AAAA
01/23/2008 2007 Advertising Agency Accounting/Finance/Collaboration Software Directory
01/22/2008 Media Matters | Sources for Child and Teen Media Information
01/16/2008 Media Matters | Media Services Division 2007 Recap
01/02/2008 Phil Dusenberry, AAAA Chairman, 2000-2001
01/01/2008 2007 AAAA Year in Review
12/19/2007 SAG and AFTRA--TV and Radio Commercials Agreements: Update: Eight-Week Cycle
12/12/2007 Technology Matters
12/07/2007 Talent Matters | SAG and AFTRA TV Commercials Agreements--Vehicle Drivers
11/19/2007 Results of AAAA 2006 Television Production Cost Survey
11/12/2007 Art Matters | New "Guide to Art Producton for Advertising Professional" Now Available
11/12/2007 2007 AAAA Member Services and Progams: Use and Satisfaction Survey
10/17/2007 Marketing & Media Ecosystem 2010: Results of Joint AAAA/ANA/IAB Cross-Industry Study
10/15/2007 Media Matters | The Mendelsohn Affluent Survey
10/11/2007 Media Matters | Warning About Recent Scam
10/10/2007 Media Matters | An Overview of Mobile Search
09/24/2007 Media Matters | Despite Many Worries Media Inflation Could Begin to Gradually Rise in 2008
09/19/2007 2007 AAAA Account Planning Conference CD-Rom Available
09/18/2007 Save the Dates! 2008 Media Conference & Trade Show
09/17/2007 Media Matters | Political Advertising Impact on Media Inventory
09/12/2007 Media Matters | Advertising in Video Games
09/10/2007 Media Matters | New Advertising Media Associations Formed
08/29/2007 Media Matters | New Guide to Digital Video Platforms Released
08/06/2007 2007 AAAA Jay Chiat Planning Awards Winners
07/25/2007 2006 Workers' Compensation Dividend to be 42.5 Percent
07/23/2007 2007 AAAA Jay Chiat Planning Awards: The Short List
07/16/2007 Print Matters| The AAAA Print Management Committee Supports the Adoption and Use of Monitor Proofing
07/11/2007 Media Matters | AAAA Entertainment Marketing Committee Defines Key Terms
07/09/2007 Media Matters | Responses to New Survey of Online Media Exchange Companies
06/26/2007 New Business: What Matters? Winning Strategies for Advertising Agencies
06/25/2007 This Summer’s Maip Class Includes 35 Media Interns
06/20/2007 New Members Elected
06/06/2007 Research Matters | New Product Facts and Stats
06/04/2007 Art Production Matters | Royalty Free Stock Photography Licensing and Use
05/30/2007 2006 AAAA Print Production Cost Survey
05/30/2007 Technology Matters
05/22/2007 Save the Dates: Back-to-Back AAAA Conferences in New York City
04/25/2007 Media Matters | Updated Survey Results of Media Verification Companies
04/13/2007 2007 O'Toole Award Winners
03/21/2007 2007 O'Toole Award Finalists
03/14/2007 Save the Dates: 2008 Media Conference & Tradeshow
03/12/2007 Do You Have an Advertising-Related Legal Question?
02/28/2007 Broadcast Matters| Coding of Standard Definition Commercials
02/28/2007 Media Matters | Digital Video Innovation Committee Issues "On-Demand Guidelines’ Adoption by Plat
02/26/2007 New Members Elected
02/07/2007 Media Services Division 2006 Recap
02/05/2007 2006 AAAA "Year in Review"
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