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Advertising Metrics and ROI: A Guide to Improving Agency Accountability and Effectiveness

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AuthorDon L. Dickinson



A leading marketing expert contends that “CMO” now stands for Chief Metrics Officer. Given the increasingly common client mandate to demonstrate advertising accountability and prove return on investment, the 4A’s presents, for the first time anywhere, a practical guide for agencies that:

  • Shows how to define advertising ROI by the use of key marketing metrics
  • Identifies the specific metrics to use in measuring each of 40+ marketing activities
  • Demonstrates the monetization framework for each metric
  • Provides a template for presenting the results in an annual Brand Stewardship Report

This publication can help agencies improve effectiveness and profitability by enabling them to become champions of accountability. In an effort to bring clarity to Advertising ROI, the heart of the book is a comprehensive table that answers these four questions for each potential outcome and metric:

1.       Other than sales, how is Advertising ROI defined by way of metrics?

2.       What is actually counted when gathering AROI data?

3.       From where and how are the data collected?

4.       How is each metric monetized?

Author Don L. Dickinson is Director of Advertising Management at Portland State University’s School of Business, and was previously a senior partner, account director and new business specialist at a 4A’s member agency in Portland, Oregon.