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Social Media Monitoring and Reporting Survey Results



This report contains the results of a survey conducted to gather high-level information about social media monitoring activities among 4A's member agencies. We learned that this is a growing area, but it is clearly in flux, as there is little consensus about what to measure, how to measure it, and even who should have responsibility for the function.


This snapshot of the current monitoring and reporting landscape provides agencies with an invaluable tool against which they can benchmark their own practices and further, it can serve as a guide in planning their activities in the coming year.


The survey covers topics such as:


·         Agency department with primary responsibility for social media monitoring

·         Metrics monitored and tools in use

·         Reporting frequency and method

·         How clients manage social media monitoring when the agency does not handle the function

·         Forecasts for agency engagement in social monitoring activities and spending on tools

·         Top challenges facing agencies in social media monitoring