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Our purpose is to make extraordinary things happen for our clients and their customers and our people. That’s two “and’s” but one idea.

It’s about doing everything we can to make our clients wildly successful through big category-defining ideas. It’s about bringing those ideas to life in ways that make their customers eager to engage. And it’s about our people feeling that this is a place where they can do the best work of their lives and be part of something bigger than themselves, which should mean bigger ideas and more powerful client relationships. We like to think of it all as a virtuous circle.

Making extraordinary things happen is the root of it all. We believe that we live or die by the results we help our clients achieve. And we believe that a measurement orientation is necessary to help most clients take the creative risks they need to take to get more than incremental gains.

All of this has led to an extraordinary record of results. Over the past four years, McKinney ranks sixth in the nation in the EFFIEs, the American Marketing Association’s recognition of communications-driven business performance. All of the agencies who’ve won more are many, many times our size. We humbly submit that there is no agency in America where you have a better chance of achieving EFFIE-worthy results.