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Marcus Thomas LLC
Marcus Thomas LLCPhone (216) 292-4700
4781 Richmond RoadFax (216) 378-0396
Cleveland, OH 44128-5636URL
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Privately Held
Smart. Tough. Real.

When your agency is started by an economics wonk from Yale and a former U.S. Army Air Corps Lieutenant – and you set up shop in America's industrial heartland rather than on Madison Avenue – it's pretty clear what you're going to be: Smart. Tough. Real.

Marcus Thomas backs it up with the fearless creative of a boutique shop, the rich experience of a category killer, and the deepest digital team of any agency in our weight class. And proves it with unexpected solutions, shaped by research, optimized by precise analytics and evaluated against what really matters: your bottom line.

Independent ownership. Unencumbered Ideas.

Marcus Thomas is a closely held business led by a group of partners who believe independence is the foundation of a relationship that isn’t afraid to question everything and take risks. This independence also allows the agency to be organized in ways that align with a client’s business, rather than the wishes of a faceless holding company.

It's not about us. Or you.

Customers don’t partition their digital life from their analog life. They don’t know their traditional media from their social media.

We don’t care either. Marcus Thomas is organized to study your customers, to watch what they do, how they explore, how they research, how they shop or connect with you. Then we develop ways to make your brand and product relevant, make your customers want to engage your company, to buy from you.

We know that “buyer” and “customer” mean different things to different kinds of companies and influence the buyer journey in unique ways, so we’ve organized our agency into four teams of professionals with deep experience in CPG, B2B, Home and Garden and Healthcare and Professionals services. It only matters to you. Your customers couldn’t care less.

Each of these teams comprise specialists from strategic planning, account service, creative, digital, social, analytics, public relations, and media. Along with your team, this group brings deep experience, objectivity and focus to your challenge, defining the situation in meticulous detail, identifying the value exchange between your brand and your customers, and articulating the things we need to do to make you successful. This organizational discipline works irrespective of the industry you’re in, the competition you face or the particular business objective you’ve set.