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Marcus Thomas LLC
Marcus Thomas LLCPhone (216) 292-4700
4781 Richmond RoadFax (216) 378-0396
Cleveland, OH 44128-5636URL
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Privately Held
Marcus Thomas is an agency formed by the merger in 2000 of two Midwest agencies: Marcus Advertising in Cleveland and Ira Thomas in Youngstown – agencies that had been around since 1946 and 1937, respectively. We love our heritage, but the success we enjoy today has more to do with the past 10 years than the past 75.

We reinvented ourselves. We’re not just an advertising agency. We’re thinkers whose ideas end up in ads. And events. On social networks. And proprietary technologies. We recognize that a brand isn’t owned, it’s shared with the consumers who use it and the communities that support it. We recognize that consumers aren’t targeted, they’re embraced, nurtured. And we know their brand engagement isn’t limited to what we call media. Everything is in. Nothing is out.

While some agencies are struggling with the unraveling of the martini-infused business they grew up with and got rich on, we love the new Wild West. We love the open playing field. We built an agency just for this new game, organizing into four strength categories: CPG, B2B, Professional Services and Home & Garden. We acquired pioneering digital shop DigiKnow to deepen our digital capabilities to envisage, plan, execute and measure campaigns at the speed of digital. We restructured our media capabilities. And we did all of it in a way that expands the definition of creative.