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Moroch Partners, LP
Moroch Partners, LPPhone (214) 520-9700
3625 N. Hall St., Suite 1100Fax (214) -25-2-1724
Dallas, TX 75219-5114URL
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Privately Held
We are ruled by consumers. Every agency can say that. But, we’re built different and as a result, we learn & think differently. Forrester analyst Josh Berno recently said “The only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge of and engagement with customers.” We agree. Have for years. Moroch has people & offices embedded in local markets throughout America for that very purpose. By observing, engaging, asking, tweeting, listening & understanding consumers face-to-face, market-to-market, we have a more honest & intimate understanding of how consumers interact with brands & their competitors, and how brands interact with consumers. Our method of thinking & doing—honed through our 30 yrs delivering localized & national success for our clients—is a “bottom up/top down” approach. Through this approach, bottom up consumer insights & top down brand strategies both inform & shape the other creating more relevant consumer engagement between people & brands. We believe it provides our brand partners McDonald’s, Disney, Western Union, Midas, Sony & other category leaders with a powerful competitive advantage. No other research methodology can generate the real time insight & behavioral assessment that we can by being face-to-face with consumers, around the clock & country, every day.