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The Gate Worldwide LLC
The Gate Worldwide LLCPhone (212) 508-3400
71 Fifth AvenueFax (212) 508-3447
8th FloorURL
New York, NY 10003Contact Nathalie Hausman
Holding Company
We are the Network that Works. The Gate is an international communications and branding firm with offices in key areas of influence: New York, London, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Johannesburg. Unlike the mega-agencies, we don’t think you need 60 offices to cover the Earth. We think you need nine.

We take companies from Name to Brand to Market. The advantages of our structure go far beyond the geographic simplicity of getting everything under one roof. It means internal communications work with external communications, brand strategies work with advertising strategies, and the creative department works with the media department.

We believe in killing Sacred Cows. Philosophically, we believe in slaying sacred cows: a set of beliefs, formulas, approaches or rules we blindly follow because, right or wrong, that’s the way they’ve always been done. Sacred Cows take many forms: old design, tired products, rigid or outdated processes. If we don’t question why we do things the way we do them, we’ll never do them better. And invariably make the same mistakes. We’ll make decisions based on sacred cows.