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Phelps has been a pioneer and innovator in FULL-SERVICE INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (IMC) since 1981. We strive to be the standard against which all other IMC agencies are measured.

We're built upon multi-discipline, client-based teams which bring you valuable perspectives from different disciplines... while moving faster and thinking smarter than the glacier-like departments at traditional agencies. Among our other resources, we're also highly experienced in effective messaging to the Hispanic market.

WE PUT MORE BRAINS ON YOUR BUSINESS. In addition to multi-discipline teams, we unleash the experience and intellect of every person here for every client’s benefit. Our game-changing, full-feedback creative processes include “The BrainBangers' Ball” (a weekly in-house feedback and input session of 50+ people which can be focused on any area of your business), “The Wall” and “The Eyeball”.

HERE'S WHAT WE KNOW. Finally, in an agency world of increasingly ineffective generalists, we're proven specialists with exceptional knowledge of the issues, customers and prospects in categories including:
1. Healthcare
2. Financial services
3. Retail
4. Telecommunications
5. Technology
6. Travel and tourism
7. Hotels and resorts
8. Airlines
9. Full-service and quick-service restaurants
10. Shelter, home and garden

To see what we think it takes to succeed today in many of these categories and also mini-case studies with work and concrete results, please visit our website at