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Apparel & Fashion | apparel
Automotive | aftermarket
Automotive | vehicles
Business Services & office products
Consumer Services
Entertainment & Culture | amusement parks
Financial services | banking
Financial services | insurance
Financial services | investments
Food & Beverage | alcoholic beverages
Food & Beverage | food
Food & Beverage | soft drinks
Government | economic development
Healthcare | hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical services
Healthcare | managed care
Home Products | home furnishings
Home Products | home improvements (Hardware, paint, plumbing, gardening)
Home Products | housewares
Household Supplies
Industrial, Manufacturing & chemicals
Media | broadcasting
Non-profit, associations & public services
Professional services (Accountants, consultants, lawyers)
Real Estate | buildings & construction
Technology | .com business
Technology | communications
Technology | computer hardware & software
Technology | consumer electronics
Technology | electronics
Travel | airlines
Travel | hotels & resorts
Travel | tourism
Discretionary Comments:
While choose not to specialize in any particular category, to keep our thinking fresh, our collective experience runs especially deep in Health Care, Travel and Destination, Food and Restaurant, Automotive, Sports, and Retail.