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Freed Advertising, L.P.
Office Employees0-50
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Discretionary Comments:
Our people lead us. Our talent defines us. The engine that drives our clients’ Brands is fueled by the creative fire that burns in every Freed employee. The capacity to bring to life new ideas. This is what sets us —and our clients—apart.
Gerald Freed, President
The agency business has changed a lot in Houston over the past 20+ years. Freed’s strength has been its ability to both lead and react to those changes. Maybe that’s why Gerald Freed has succeeded while major, worldwide agencies have found it impossible to remain competitive here. Gerald has always led Freed with the knowledge that his name is on the door and the understanding of what that means.

Quietly, Freed has grown to become one of the top-5 ad agencies in Houston by consistently doing the block-and-tackle parts of our business very well. Those encompass a commitment to strong partnerships with clients, high standards for the agency’s work and fair business dealings in the community.

As the founder of Freed Advertising and the agency’s chief executive officer, Gerald Freed provides leadership, creative input and strategic direction on all client accounts.

Gerald started the agency in 1983 with a simple goal – helping clients communicate more effectively.

Today, Freed Advertising is one of Houston’s largest and best known agencies, with more than two decades of service to the widest possible range of industries – and a much-deserved reputation for being a true marketing partner to its clients.

“We’re accessible, flexible and accountable for our actions — in other words, partners with our clients,” Gerald says. “That’s important in today’s world because many of the traditional marketing methods aren’t as effective as they once were, given the proliferation of media. But change can be scary for some clients. We’re constantly working to earn and keep our clients’ trust so that they can feel confident in our strategies and in our creative executions.”

An ad agency’s success is dependent on the success of its clients. Freed Advertising is thriving. “That’s our highest recommendation,” Gerald says.

A native Texan, Gerald earned his advertising degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Houston Advertising Federation, and he leads the agency’s pro bono work for a number of charitable organizations.
Nancy Self, Exec. Creative Director
With over 25 years in advertising, Nancy has pretty much seen and done it all. From convincing Moms there's no shame in serving their kids canned pasta to schooling Hakeem Olajuwon in one on one, Nancy is uniquely qualified to oversee the agency's creative team with experience, insight and mad defensive skills in the paint.

Nancy has garnered an impressive list of award-winning ad campaigns for a who's who of iconic brands including Duncan Hines, Chef Boyardee, Ranch Style Beans, Shiner Beer, Aunt Jemima, Ro*Tel Tomatoes, and Pam Cooking Spray. Other beneficiaries of her talents include Space Center Houston, RCI, GHCVB, Imperial Sugar, Mountain King Potatoes, Kroger, Garden Ridge, Methodist Health Care, Susan G. Komen and Dell Computers.

Girl's got bling too. She's won a prestigious American Advertising Federation (AAF) National Addy Award, five Houston Addy Best in Show Awards and countless gold, silver and bronze awards presented by the AAF-Houston Chapter.

Nancy is a native Texan and graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. Between bouts of inspiration she spends her time as an infamous world roamer, avid angler and fearless culinary adventurer.
Denise Tyrrell, Acct. Management Sup.
More than a highly esteemed style maven, Denise is also manager of the Client Services team, cultivating and supervising all agency/client relationships, providing daily counsel for account managers, and acting as an added point of contact for clients.

In her more than twenty years of account supervision, Denise has stewarded the interests of many great brands including The Woodlands, The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa, Redstone Golf Club, The Redstone Companies, San Antonio Federal Credit Union, Methodist Hospital Sugar Land, Silestone Countertops, Spark Energy, IKEA Houston and Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land.

Denise is big believer in exceeding expectations and instills in her team an unwavering focus to fulfill strategies, work with budgets and meet deadlines.

A Pennsylvania native, Denise loves to lose herself in faraway lands and really good novels. She lives to plan her next sumptuous dinner and loves soulful blues. She also likes to remind everyone that she indeed has got the music in her.
Rosa Serrano, Dir. of Media Strategy
Rosa is one powerful woman. As Media Director, she plays an integral role in where and when her clients' messages are seen and heard. In addition, she oversees the media department and establishes client media goals, objectives, buying and strategies, all while optimizing budgeted funds.

A native of Los Angeles, Rosa's background includes a public administration degree from the University of Southern California with a focus on account management, strategic account planning/activation and new business development. She also has extensive experience in general market, Hispanic, multicultural, Mexico and Latin American media.

Rosa's talents have benefitted a slew of big name corporations including The Disney Company, Sonic Drive-Ins, Circle K, ARCO AM/PM, Hallmark, Tyson Foods, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Safeway/Vons, Conoco-Phillips, Bank of America, Arby's, Gerber Baby Food, Buena Vista Pictures, The Home Depot and Maybelline.

When she isn't navigating media channels, Rosa enjoys traveling, cooking with her kids and being swept along by a really good mystery novel.