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The Richards Group, Inc.
Office Employees500+
Total US500+
Total Worldwide500+
Discretionary Comments:
All our clients are serviced primarily through our Dallas headquarters.
Stan Richards, Principal/Creative Director
Stan founded The Richards Group as a freelance practice after graduating from Pratt Institute in New York. Over the next 20 years, it became one of the nation’s premier creative resources. In 1976, it became a full-service advertising agency.

Stan’s work has received awards in virtually every major competition in the world. In 1976, Stan was chosen by the Dallas Society of Visual Communications as “the single individual who, over his career, has made the most significant contribution to the advancement of creative standards in the Southwestern United States.” In 1981, 1983, and 1984, Stan was named by Adweek to the Southwest Creative All-Stars Hall of Fame. In 1985, Stan was honored by Pratt Institute as a Distinguished Alumnus. In 1986, he was honored with an Advertising Age cover story. Also in 1986, Adweek named him Executive of the Year, and he was included in The Wall Street Journal’s “Giants of Our Time.” In 1988, the firm was named Agency of the Year by Adweek. Again in 1990 and 1994. And once more in 2002. In 1995, Stan was named an Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. magazine.

The University of Texas named him the 1996 recipient of its Reddick Award for leadership in communication. Previous honorees include Walter Cronkite, Ted Turner, and Bill Moyers. More recently, Southern Methodist University announced the Stan Richards Creative Chair.

Also in 1996, Stan received the AIGA Gold Medal, the award for career achievement in design. In 1997, Graphis magazine named The Richards Group one of the ten best agencies in the world, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies honored the firm with its A+ Award, given annually to America’s best agency. In 2007, Graphic Design USA named the firm one of America’s six most influential agencies.

In 1999, Stan received the highest honor available to a creative with his election to the Art Directors Hall of Fame, joining such luminaries as Walt Disney, Norman Rockwell, and Andy Warhol.

And just this year, the University of Texas renamed its nationally recognized advertising program the Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations.

In addition, Stan serves, or has served, on many boards: The Salvation Army, Episcopal School of Dallas, YMCA, Cooper Aerobics Enterprises, Dallas Symphony Association, United Way, the Creative Committee of the AAAA, Pratt Institute Board of Trustees, and the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation.

Apart from business, Stan’s interests include skiing in Utah and fly-fishing the backwaters of Laguna Madre. He is an avid runner, having logged 40,000 miles.
Diane Fannon, Principal/Brand Management
Diane joined The Richards Group in 2000 from Temerlin McClain, where she
was executive vice president and managing director primarily responsible for
JCPenney and Adams Golf.

Stretching the left-brain/right-brain theory to its limits, Diane has spent
most of her career in the creative discipline of the advertising business, beginning
in New York at Grey Advertising as a copywriter.

After spending a year convincing America’s children that they couldn’t possibly
exist without Star Wars action figures, she moved to Dallas to join Tracy-Locke.
During the next eight years, she developed award-winning creative work for
clients such as Frito-Lay, Haggar, The Dallas Morning News, Phillips Petroleum,
Taco Bell, and Pepsi, becoming senior vice president and senior creative
director in 1985.

With nine more years of creative responsibility at Bozell and again at Tracy-Locke,
as executive creative director, adding American Airlines, Hogan, Tabasco, and
Budget Rent A Car to her previous list of clients, she left the advertising business
to run the photography division of a wholly owned subsidiary of Kodak, The
Image Bank. With responsibility for marketing, creative content, and operations,
Diane saw The Image Bank as a unique opportunity to gain broader business
experience (increasing the capabilities of her left brain). Visiting franchisee offices
in 72 cities in 35 countries, she filled two passports, spoke passable French, ate
Chinese food you don’t get in this country, and learned why you use two hands
to pass a business card in Japan.

Five years later, her right brain began to miss advertising. So she now combines
her passion for outstanding creative with her addiction to strategic analysis at
an agency that completely understands her schizophrenia. She now handles
The Home Depot, The Salvation Army, Sea Island, and new business
development. In 2010, Diane was named one of the most influential women
in business in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Diane graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a double degree in
English and education. She and her husband, Kent, are avid golfers, baseball
fans, and travelers. (She is left-handed but plays golf right-handed. Figures.)
Mike Malone, Creative Group Head
Mike began his writing career as an excuse to avoid organic chemistry lab. He worked as a sportswriter, political columnist, features writer, and reporter–and
still managed to graduate with a B.S. in biology from the University of Dayton.
His first real job in journalism was at a weekly arts and entertainment newspaper where he wrote, edited, sold advertising, laid out the paper, and even drove the proofs to the printing plant. The part that stuck was advertising.
Before joining The Richards Group 29 years ago, Mike was a copywriter for
Tracy-Locke in Dallas, as well as for McKinney Silver & Rockett in Raleigh.
He has been named to Adweek’s Creative All-Stars three times, most recently
as a Most Valuable Player. He’s been a finalist twice in the Stephen E. Kelly Awards Competition for the best magazine campaign in America. He is one of three
creative council members, the group that sets policy for The Richards Group.
Along the way, he has helped launch Travelocity, AT&T Wireless, and any number of products and services.
Mike has worked on airlines, cruise lines, bus lines, banks, beer, cars, catfish, coffee, and mutual funds. In short, he’s pretty much done it all.
Major current assignments include TXU Energy, MetroPCS, and National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Mike is married to Alison and spends his leisure time experiencing the joys of parenthood (Patrick, Jennie, Sam, Michael, and Emory) and the pitfalls of being an occasional and talentless golfer.
Glenn Dady, Creative Group Head
Glenn hates the way this page looks.
Okay, maybe “hates” is a strong word, but you can rest assured there are some things he would change if given the chance. The rag. The kerning. This typeface. The leading. All that design stuff that most of us hardly notice. It all stands out to Glenn like a sharp shard of granite stuck in your most comfortable pair of shoes.
And that is what makes Glenn tick.
Glenn joined The Richards Group in 1980 after graduating at the top of his class from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Within five years, Advertising Age had named him one of the “100 Best and Brightest Young People in Advertising.”
His meticulously crafted work for clients ranging from Cole Haan and Tony Lama to Neiman Marcus and Sub-Zero has been honored by the Clios, the New York Art Directors Club, The One Show, Communication Arts magazine, Archive magazine, The Stephen E. Kelly Awards, and Cannes. He’s been named to the Adweek Creative All-Star Team four times so far (twice as “The Southwest’s Top Art Director” and twice as “Creative Director of the Year”). And Art Direction magazine featured an article highlighting his career at The Richards Group.
Obviously, Glenn’s gift isn’t so much in knowing he has the proverbial pebble in his shoe. It’s knowing what to do with it.
A native of Colorado, Glenn, along with his family, sneaks in a couple of trips a year to the mountains. He can’t survive more than a week without Mexican food and has what is generally considered to be the finest squirt gun collection in the world. (Glenn would want some words here–for looks.)
Christopher Owens, Brand Planning Director
Christopher’s a Buckeye, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. His first love was music, which led him to the renowned jazz program at the University of North Texas. Eventually, he ditched the “jazz thing” for degrees in language and
communications. That, however, did not end his musical aspirations. After college, he hit the road, playing drums in a ska band called The Grown-Ups.
After four memorable years touring the U.S. with the band, Christopher decided
it was time to stop being a Grown-Up and start being, well, a grown-up. His
affinities for communications and pop culture collided with a satisfying thump when he discovered the discipline of brand planning. He attended the exclusive
Miami Ad School Account Planning Boot Camp, where he graduated top of his class, receiving accolades from the world’s top brand planners. In January 2007,
he became the first returning alum to ever officially instruct at the Boot Camp.
Before joining The Richards Group, Christopher led planning efforts at Gleason/
Calise in Dallas, where he worked for a broad range of consumer clients in
industries such as consumer electronics, pet products, and beer. Since joining
The Richards Group in March 2000, Christopher has led planning efforts for Nokia and The Home Depot. He’s a multiple Effie Award-winning planning director, leading efforts for TGI Fridays, GameStop, and Sub-Zero/Wolf.
In his copious free time, Christopher teaches advertising research as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University. He also speaks frequently on brand planning, recently returning from Tokyo as a keynote conference speaker.
On the home front, he and his wife, Mary, are busy raising two young daughters, Ivy and Ella. As for his drumming, he holds high hopes for a Grown-Ups reunion tour in the future. We’ll keep you posted.
Dave Snell, Brand Planning Director
We knew Dave wasn’t from Dallas when he asked, “When do the lakes freeze
over here?” No, Dave was born and raised in Waterdown, a small town outside
Toronto. He claims advertising was something he never intended to pursue. He spent his entire youth convinced he was going to be a big-time radio announcer. After falling asleep once too often during the all-night show, however, he decided that a slightly less nocturnal career was in order.
So after graduating from the University of Guelph with an honors B.A. in psychology and an M.S. in consumer behavior, he joined Vickers & Benson Advertising, one of Canada’s largest advertising agencies, as a research analyst. Four years later, he was the agency’s vice president and director of strategic planning, having instituted the brand planning discipline at the agency. There,
he led strategy development for a local brewery, the Ontario Ministry of Health, and Bank of Montreal.
Dave joined The Richards Group in early 1994. In his 19 years since, he has worked
for an exceptionally broad range of clients including Corona Light, Hummer,
G. Heileman Brewing Company, AIM Investments, Chick-fil-A, EXPO Design Center, The Home Depot, Chrysler’s Ram Trucks division, Pier 1 Imports, ULTA Beauty, and MD Anderson Cancer Center.
When not at work, Dave is heavily involved in Dallas youth hockey as a parent, coach, club board member, and advisory board member. Besides that, he
enjoys home improvement, cycling, and motorcycling through the back roads of North Texas with his wife, Patti.
Mary Price, Principal/Brand Media
Mary has an issue. Her math skills are terrible. She believes that $1 plus $1 equals $4. This is a terrible problem for her clients’ competitors but a great asset to her clients. She has proved that team integration, creative thinking, and innovative solutions combined with powerful creative executions can make any size of media budget look exponentially greater than it actually is.
She wields not only great creative thinking power but great negotiation skills
too. Mary loves keeping track of where the money goes, making sure every penny is spent wisely. In fact, if she ever wanted to change careers, she’d make a superb
casino pit boss. But media is her true love. As she puts it, “Where else do they pay you to spend millions of dollars every year?”
Media has been Mary’s passion since college. While attending the University of Texas at Austin, Mary completed two internships at Dallas agencies. And upon graduation in 1988, she joined Tracy-Locke, where she honed her planning skills on brands such as Pepsi and Frito-Lay.
Mary joined The Richards Group in 1993 and has worked on many of our
flagship clients including Motel 6, Chick-fil-A, Fruit of the Loom, TGI Fridays,
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Cole Haan, and Seabourn. Currently, she leads
a team of 70 media professionals and is responsible for the stewardship of over $600 million annually in media billings. Her leadership role has allowed her to take her creative math skills and innovative thinking and guide the planning team in developing creative media solutions that stretch clients’ budgets and push the conventions of traditional media planning. These efforts have resulted in several awards celebrating innovations in media planning.
Thirteen years ago, Mary found a role that’s even more rewarding than media planning–being a mom (which she swears hasn’t softened her up). She is a native Texan, a member of several industry and community volunteer organizations,
an avid reader, and currently learning more about horses than she ever needed to know (thanks to her daughter’s obsession).
James Hering, Principal/Digital
You’ve heard of people with a green thumb for gardening? James has a
green thumb for digital marketing. No, really. Everything he touches turns
into something lush and thriving.
Before his current role, James established TM Interactive and grew the practice from nothing to 60 people by applying his online marketing expertise. Under
his guidance, the American Airlines website,, evolved into one of the airline industry’s biggest success stories, with more than 30 million registered users worldwide. He also worked on the AAdvantage Travel Awards Program, American Airlines Vacations, and American Airlines Marketing Solutions.
He also handled various marketing and digital efforts for dozens of high-profile clients including Reno Air, Biltmore, Venetian Hotel and Casino, Sabre Travel Information Network, Texas Tourism, EDS, ExxonMobil, and Nationwide Insurance. He has been recognized more than 70 times with various media
and marketing awards.
He now brings his experience and online marketing expertise to The Richards Group, where he helps clients such as Pier 1 Imports, TGI Fridays, The Auto Club Group (AAA), and GameStop grow their online presence.
When he’s not helping grow the agency, he and his wife, Marcy, focus on growing their two incredible kids, Austin and Macy.