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MARC USA Corporate Headquarters
Office Employees201-500
Total US201-500
Total Worldwide201-500
Tony Bucci, Chairman
He’s truly a fearless leader — with a real appetite for change, particularly when it means doing things smarter. About every five years, he blows up some aspect of the agency and the industry to push all to higher ground. He was the guy who re-engineered MARC USA into client-based teams long before it was ever a consideration at the big shops. He literally wrote the book on the topic for the 4A’s. Building an integrated model around a single P&L? Built our sister agency MARCA Hispanic? That was Tony, too.

Tony may lead an agency, but he’s a retailer in his bones. He has led retail accounts of every possible kind from Sears to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Mellon Bank, McDonalds, True Value Hardware and Rite Aid. He’s the rare ad guy who not only appreciates the value of a great idea, but also knows how to determine if it can deliver a great ROI. Must be all those years of tracking daily sales.
Michele Fabrizi, President & CEO
When Ad Age asked agency leaders what their alternative careers would be, Michele replied, “Broadway dancer.” Passionate, game-changer and even dancer, Michele is never satisfied with doing things the way they have always been done. She ways wants to dig deeper, learn more, aim higher and get bigger results.

She has the ability to immediately see a business application for a consumer insight - a natural brand champion who innately understands what it takes to make a brand or business stand out. She’s also relentless in asking questions that upend categories and uncover new competitive opportunities. From True Value Hardware to Mohawk and Moen, from Mellon Financial Services to Rite Aid and P&G, Michele’s business smarts and leadership have moved the needle to create significant business growth for clients.

Under her helm, MARC USA has become known for forging powerful, motivating emotional connections between brands and customers across all channels. At the same time, she has created an award-winning company culture recognized as a “Best Place to Work.”
Jean McLaren, Chicago Office President/CMO
Jean’s the first one to tell you she missed her calling. She’s a builder at heart. Nothing pleases her more than remodeling old spaces, building new ones, bringing fresh design and utility to the project. Luckily, for over 30 years she’s been able to direct all that energy to building the Chicago office by finding better solutions for her clients’ marketing challenges.

Working with her on a client’s business is an exercise in fully understanding the brand’s “bones,” how it works for the target and how it can work better. She constantly challenges us to figure out more enlightened ways to build integrated plans.

Jean’s “brand-building” experience ranges from national retailers like True Value and QSR to blue chip package goods brands. Prior to joining MARC USA, she ran the global Kraft Cheese account for JWT as well as a host of other food brands at FCB and Ogilvy.
Jason Russo, President, Boston & MARC USA | Results: Digital
Jason’s colleagues and clients will both tell you he thrives on results. That’s why when he formed a company, he named it “Results:Digital.” He really gets a charge from connecting audiences and brands in ways that get the most value out of every dollar spent. They’ll also tell you about his high energy and his passion for delivering great customer service and smart solutions on the tightest of timelines.

Today Jason leads MARC USA’s Boston office and our digital media practice housed there. With 17 years of expertise in new customer generation, conversion, optimization and ecommerce, Jason is the guy you want on your team in the ever-evolving digital media landscape. But when clients talk about Jason, they talk about much more than results. Time and again, you’ll hear that Jason has a special talent for turning clients into trusted partners. Whether it’s for retail brands like Payless ShoeSource and Rite Aid or a range of products and services for brands like Comcast, Novo Nordisk and Unysis, Jason leads performance-driven digital media solutions that deliver results across the spectrum from discovery to acquisition to activation. And when he’s not on the job, he’s still active – snowboarding, racing fast cars or teaching a new sport to his young children.
Bryan Hadlock, EVP/Chief Creative Officer
As a scuba diver and a pilot, Bryan loves thrills and calculated risk, but his biggest rush comes from creating seamlessly integrated campaigns that define brands long-term while propelling immediate results.

Bryan is a stickler for information and frequently goes into the field to obtain hands-on product experience. He prides himself on strategy-based creative, building on the radical insights his colleagues uncover to find the sweet spot in each client’s message. He’s known for adding a unique, often humorous, touch to make it truly memorable.

With experience across a wide range of categories from financial services, gaming, health care and sports to tourism, home products, fashion and QSR, Bryan consistently move consumers to action with compelling, results-driven campaigns. He holds himself to a high standard: “It doesn’t matter what it is. By the time I learn it inside and out, I can tell a story that will sell it.”
Chris Heitmann, EVP/Chief Innovation Officer
Is it an occupational hazard for interactive leaders to be a bit schizophrenic? Or is it just Chris? Start him on the topic of interactive behavior, ROI and attribution and you’ll think you’re in the presence of a hard core left brain. But, just when you’ve got him pegged, he jumps in with a brilliantly intuitive idea for a new kind of interactive experience — one that complements our brand’s creative direction perfectly.

Like any interactive guy worth his salt, he’s created and sold lots of companies (Sony Music bought one of them) where he was in charge of digital marketing for his clients — including Comcast, Disney, Chrysler and Liberty Mutual Insurance. Today his whole brain thinking is creating magic for the full range of MARC USA clients.
Karen Leitze, EVP/Director of Research & Strategic Planning
Karen is that ideal strategic partner who’s driven to find the truth behind why people behave as they do. She is the architect of our “whole brain” strategic process and experience architecture. She tracked the advancements academia was making in understanding how the brain makes decisions and then built a proprietary research system that applies that thinking to brand positioning. And, she’s the one who developed our alliance with Carnegie Mellon University so we could partner with them on Behavioral Economics and big data analytics using their bleeding-edge capabilities.

But lest you think she just sits in her office thinking deep thoughts, check out her shelf of industry awards for all the game-changing brand positionings she’s developed across a wide range of categories. She brings innovation after innovation to the agency and our clients, always selling them in through force of reason not through force of will.
Nancy Roth, SVP/Media Director
Nancy’s wicked sense of humor belies her well-honed strategic skills and even sharper negotiating prowess. She’s nobody’s fool, which is a really important trait in an industry where new interactive media platforms emerge seemingly every hour and half won’t last past 5pm. She’s really good at sniffing out the big opportunities from the big talk – and she always treats her clients’ money like her own.

Her portfolio ranges from food to footwear to pharmacy, from hardware to entertainment to telecomm. She’s a pro at building fully integrated plans with a serious dose of creativity for clients like Payless ShoeSource, Rite Aid, Cooper Tire, T.G.I. Friday’s, CiCi’s Restaurants, NBC Universal, Supercuts, Famous Footwear, True Value Hardware, Jiffy-Lube, Skil Power Tools and more. Prior to joining MARC USA, she directed media strategy at Starcom MediaVest Group’s Spark Communications for accounts with $80+ million budgets – giving her that perfect combination of big agency chops and entrepreneurial spirit.