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Two by Four, TwoxFour
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David Stevenson, President, Executive Creative Director
• I am one of eight kids and grew up in Texas thinking I would play in the NBA despite my height and lack of dunking ability.
• I have been in the advertising business for over 25 years.
• I am a creative by discipline, choice and passion.
• I have worked on literally hundreds of brands.
• I love the agency that I started so many years ago because of the people that make it work, the clients that have become friends and the way in which we choose to do business.
• I am a member of the Chicago 4A’s Board of Directors.
• I’ve won many awards for my work but still have yet to impress my son with anything I’ve ever done professionally.
• I don’t hire jerks and I don’t work for jerks.
• I have written a book called Cowboy Wisdom (on sale now!) even though I am neither a cowboy nor have much wisdom.
• I own a Segway.
• I am married to Becky—who is awesome—father to Morgan, Abby and Aidan—also awesome—and have a bulldog, a Great Dane, a King Charles Spaniel, a yellow fish and two turtles—which sometimes, on yard clean up day, is not awesome.
Adam VonOhlen, Executive Vice President, Creative Director
• I have been at the agency since February of 2000.
• I started as a Jr. Designer and worked my way through to Creative Director / Sr. VP.
• After David, I'm the longest tenured person at Two by Four and pretty much have seen or been a part of every story that's been told at the agency. I kinda like it here.
• Before I started my career in Advertising, I considered pursuing a career as a tattoo artist.
• Along the way I’ve been lucky enough to work for great clients big and small, from Wrangler Jeans and Bridgestone Firestone to The Windy City Rollers and creating Mike Rowe’s personal website.
• The little kid inside of me is still amazed every time I walk into Halas Hall to present work to the Chicago Bears. I try to acknowledge how cool that is each time I do it.
• I’ve been told I don’t totally suck and have had work recognized by the Addy’s, The Chicago Creative Club and have been published in Graphis and Archive magazine.
• I met my wife at a Two by Four Holiday party themed "Pimp and Ho Ho Ho Christmas." I was dressed as a pimp when I first talked to her.
• I have a cat that goes by the name of Snake.
• I have at least 10 different hot sauces in my cupboard at home and put it on everything. Even toast.