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Munn Rabot
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Orson Munn, Chief Executive Officer
As Chief Executive Officer and founding Partner of Munn Rabôt, Orson brings a unique perspective to our business: he understands what it feels like to be a client. He's been one.

Orson began his advertising career at what is now Saatchi & Saatchi, creating media plans for several Procter & Gamble brands. He then moved to the account side to develop brand strategy for L'eggs, Parker Brothers, Hellmann's, and Toyota. A few years later, he was running the Alfa Romeo and then the Peugeot business for an American, French and Japanese agency. Soon, Rolls-Royce and Bentley persuaded Orson to work on the client side as director of their North American marketing operations. He returned to the agency business to work on Sony and BMW Motorcycles, where he met his current partner, Peter Rabôt.

Orson views the agency from a client's perspective. He believes the agency should know its client’s business inside and out. He provides straightforward strategic advice that constantly challenges the status quo. Orson understands that advertising is only a fraction of the overall challenge, and he knows the boundaries of a budget. Above all, Orson believes now, as he did then, that good is never good enough.

Partnering with clients such as MAXjet, Bessemer Trust, GHI and NewYork-Presbyterian, Munn Rabôt has done more that just build successful brands; we’ve forever elevated our client’s position in every one of these categories.

Orson Munn believes that’s what an agency should do, and that’s why his name is on the door.
Peter Rabot, Creative Director
Peter’s not easily satisfied and is always looking to do different things. That’s why he’s stuck around, because in this business no two days...or two clients...are ever alike.

In his native England, Peter started his career at agencies including Saatchi, Collett Dickinson Pearce and Yellowhammer. Great British agencies that never thought of themselves as behemoths. Because at that time they weren’t. After helping develop ideas for British Airways and Maggie Thatcher’s Conservative Party, he decided to give America a try.

Here, he took a break from advertising and did what he could to remain in New York. After trying his hand at things he was no good at, he finally realized that he was destined to use his creative skills to grow businesses. In 1995, Peter helped start Munn Rabôt, where, as Creative Director, he’s worked in virtually every category including airlines, motorcycles, pubs, hotels, tourism, banks, hospitals and health plans.

Now, his only remaining challenges are helping his clients get to the next level, and mastering all twelve keys on his sax.