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AAAA Agency Search
Office Employees201-500
Total US500+
Total Worldwide500+
Joe Grimaldi, CEO
Joe was once a rock musician, but these days he spends his time pushing people to do exceptional work for our company and clients. He creates an environment conducive to personal excellence, entrepreneurship and collaboration. A 34-year industry veteran, Joe started his career at Benton & Bowles and Ted Bates in New York. And since joining Mullen 29 years ago, he has helped it grow 1,100%.
Alex Leikikh, President
Alex motivates our agency to be our clients’ richest source of business-driving ideas. Prior to Mullen, Alex honed his skills at Leo Burnett and Fallon on Philip Morris, BMW, Garmin, and Equinox Fitness. He even helped guide United Airlines during the post-September 11 period of extreme crisis in the travel industry. Alex has become quite good at managing chaos both at work and at home, where he and his wife Jennifer are raising three girls and a boy.
Mark Wenneker, Chief Creative Officer
Mark is the kind of guy who is always trying to shake things up. And that’s pretty much what he’s done here. Under his guidance, Mullen was recently named one of the most innovative companies in America according to Fast Company magazine. He’s also attracted brands that share his entrepreneurial zeal, those of which include JetBlue, Zappos, Grey Goose, Fage, iRobot, Google and many more. Before coming to Mullen, Mark was at Goodby Silverstein and Partners where he made famous work for brands like Hyundai, Saturn and Comcast. He has two girls, and one very patient and understanding wife.
Kristen Cavallo, Chief Strategy Officer
Kristen leads a brand planning and performance strategy team that believes the most successful brands are useful, likeable and interesting. They understand that in today’s world, the key to breaking through is for brands to focus on becoming valuable conversation topics, not interrupting existing ones. Kristen has led strategic brand planning for numerous major, global brands, including BMW, VW, Saab, Timberland, Kohler, Coca-Cola and Miller Brewing, among others.
John Moore, Chief Media Officer
John leads Mullen’s branded media arm, dubbed mediahub. He has built an operation that focuses on embracing, accelerating and leveraging change. This change includes recently creating a dedicated mobile unit and hiring a creative media director to ensure that content and distribution are always working in unison. John has been in the business for over 20 years and has worked on several top-tier brands including Wendy’s, H&R Block, Converse,, General Motors, NEC and Whirlpool.
Sheila Leyne, Director of Public Relations/Social Influence
Sheila has built Mullen’s PR/Social Influence practice into the largest of its kind in the context of a full-service advertising agency. The group focuses on five sectors: Consumer Marketing, Technology, Financial, Corporate Reputation and Nutrition/Healthcare. Sheila’s team understands the broader context of brand building. Not only are her people superb publicists, but they also know how to employ a wide spectrum of tools and techniques to help companies achieve their business goals.
Edward Boches, Chief Innovation Officer
One of Mullen’s original partners, Edward has helped define the agency’s creative standards, established its PR group, integrated digital into all agency operations and launched our social influence practice. Currently, he focuses on emerging tech, social platforms and changing consumer media habits to develop innovative ideas for clients and for the agency’s ongoing transformation. Edward writes the Ad Age Power 150 blog Creativity_Unbound; lectures at BU and at Boulder Digital Works.
Paul Slack, Chief Financial Officer
Paul provides our clients and management with coherent and timely information and advice on financial and personnel matters. This includes our technology, facility, human resources, accounting, policies and procedures. But Paul isn’t all about numbers—he loves working with creative, intelligent people.