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Sullivan Higdon & Sink Incorporated
Office Employees0-50
Total US51-100
Samuel Williams, Managing Partner
A political wag once wrote that a conservative is someone who believes that nothing should ever be done for the first time. Clearly, the writer had never met Sam Williams. Sam’s politics are about as conservative as they come, but few people – especially CPA/comptroller types – embrace change as eagerly as Sam does.

Long before he came to work at SHS, and before he worked for Arthur Andersen and then became CFO for a Salt Lake City ad agency, Sam grew up in Alaska. Seeing the forces of nature at their untamed best can teach a guy a few things. Among them is the fact that when those forces shift, changes are inevitable. So you may as well do what you can to make them work in your favor.

To that end, it was Sam who, years ago, led the SHS head start into the computer and Internet eras. It was Sam who drove us from our stodgy lawyeresque offices into the groovy 100-year-old factory digs we now call home. And to this day, Sam’s the one with his ear always to the ground, continually putting us in the forefront of significant trends for the brands we serve.

Sam is a single-engine, instrument-rated pilot. Clearly he enjoys tackling new things for the first time in his personal life, too. Although next time he runs a marathon, it will be his 29th.
Tom Bertels, Managing Partner
Tom joined the Navy right out of high school and became an air controlman. Upon his release from the service, he went to work for the FAA as an air traffic controller. After leaving the FAA and pursuing a degree in advertising, he joined Bendix/King (then King Radio), where he learned the ins and outs of a dealer network as a senior regional sales manager. Tom left King to become general manager of a full-service aircraft fueling and service operation in the St. Louis area, but returned to Bendix/King when he was offered the chance to manage the company's advertising program.

When opportunity knocked again, Tom transitioned to the advertising agency business. He managed accounts for numerous companies, including AlliedSignal Aerosapce (now Honeywell), Beechcraft and Duncan Aviation. He even started his own Kansas City-based agency, which merged with SHS in 1997.

Then, Raytheon Aircraft called. Tom packed up and moved to Wichita to become the company's vice president of marketing. But in 2001, his friends at SHS persuaded him to come back home. As managing partner, he has management oversight responsibilities for Wichita- and D.C.-based clients, including Cessna Aircraft, Cargill Meat Solutions and Spirit AeroSystems.

For fun, Tom likes to hit the road on his motorcycle or belt out some songs with his rock band.
Randall Mikulecky, Managing Partner
Rand has been with Sullivan Higdon & Sink for more than 25 years. In that time, he's lost a lot of hair but none of his passion for great advertising.

A Wisconsin native and cheese aficionado, Rand started his career in advertising at Johnson Controls in Milwaukee. His career went south to Wichita when he joined the marketing department of Cessna Aircraft Company and where he discovered another passion - flying.

Rand left Cessna but not his enthusiasm for aviation. He got his pilot's licence and joined SHS in 1981 to work on the Learjet account. A few years later, he helped bring Cessna on as a client, and over the years has also worked with some of the agency's beest known accounts including AMR, BFGoodrich, Cargill, Enturia, GE Insurance, Helzberg Diamonds, Pizza Hut and TAG Aviation.

Rand moved to Kansas City in 2003 with his family to helplead SHS's growing business in Kansas City and to bolster the area's barbecue business.
Lynell Stucky, Managing Partner
Lynell was a business major in undergraduate school at Washburn University and received his M.S. in organizational behavior from Wichita State.

After college, Lynell landed at Pizza Hut, where he became Director of Marketing. He's partly responsible for the now-infamous KenTacoHut. And, he actually hired SHS to be his agency back in the mid-1980s when he worked for a large franchisee.

Lynell liked the thinking SHS folks brought to his business so much, he decided to join them. His role with the agency is to help us understand the consumer; who they are, where they are, what they are thinking and why. He stresses that the basics of marketing are the same, whether it's $10 pizzas or $10 million business jets; Know your consumers and communicate why your product is relevant to their lives.

To help SHS develop ideas that are strategically relevant to the consumer, Lynell developed the Mindset Message Map, a process that identifies the nuances between all of the client's target audiences.

Lynell loves gadgets, especially those that are related to music and stereo reproduction. His latest toy is an EL34 tube-based amplifier that puts out 30 watts of "pure mid-range magic."