You Could Be Practicing Discrimination: A Primer on No-Urban Dictates

September 29, 2014
1 - 2 PM EDT
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If you don’t know what a no-urban dictate is, you could be exposing your company, client and yourself to serious trouble. Generally speaking, “no-urban” dictates are directives from advertisers or agencies to omit urban stations and/or Hispanic stations from media buys.
What do you do when a buy comes down with a “no-urban” dictate? How do you approach management or your client to discuss this act of discrimination? What tools and tips can you use to ensure a “no-urban” dictate request is properly addressed?
Join Mark Prince, Partner & Vice President of Media Services and Calvin Fortenberry, Media Diversity Training Manager from Professional Partnering Solutions to learn more about the practice of “no-urban” dictates and what you can do to protect your agency and client from engaging in this discriminatory practice. 
Participants will be educated on the definition and interpretation of a “no-urban” dictate. The Webinar will also cover real-life agency experiences and the consequences of not challenging a “no urban” dictate.


·      Discussion on history and legacy of “no-urban” dictates in advertising industry

·      Factors behind the practice

·      Coded language used to justify a “no-urban” dictate

·      The economic impact upon minority targeted and owned outlets

·      Industry efforts to combat and to address vendor discrimination.     

This interactive session will also include real-time opinion polling of participants, mock scenarios which show how a “no-urban” dictate request is made and a group Q&A discussion.  

Who Should Attend

This Webinar is designed for media strategy and implementation professionals and personnel with an interest in diversity in the advertising and media industry.

This Webinar is free to members and non-members.