Building a Brand Millennials Will Love

November 18, 2014
1 - 2 PM EST
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The cynical millennial generation has been called "a marketers' worst nightmare”. On November 18, Robin Hafitz and Allison O'Keefe Wright, Open Mind Strategy will share their research-grounded insights into the millennial generation and how to turn those insights into brand gold.  Marketers, as well as agency personnel working on brands that need millennial buy-in will benefit.
Highlights include:
•  How big brands can court millennials by acting small
•  How small brands can court millennials by acting big
•  Different types of millennials:  why one size doesn't fit all
•  Collaborative shopping: targeting the tribe
•  The importance of passion: finding it, showing it, proving it.
About Your Webinar Leaders:  
Allison O'Keefe Wright, Senior Vice President, Research and Strategy, Open Mind Strategy, is a thought leader in reaching millennials.  Formerly research director of MTV and EMI Music, Allison personally conducts research with thousands of millennials annually.
Robin Danielson Hafitz, CEO, Open Mind Strategy is a highly regarded thought leader in the research and strategy field. Her firm, Open Mind Strategy, has unlocked millennial insights for leading clients such as Food Network, Syfy, AMC, Yahoo! Clear Channel and several others.

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