Communicating Under Pressure: Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot

August 7, 2014
1 - 2 PM EDT
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Let’s be honest, some of our workplace communications can be…“difficult.” Do you find that conversations, discussions, and negotiations around the office can get a little too fiery? Are you unsure how to steer conversations to the matter at hand when personalities collide and egos clash? From addressing poor performance with a subordinate to delivering bad news to a client, it’s never easy to navigate these sticky agency situations. But to get the results we need, we must be able to communicate effectively and persuasively – especially in these high pressure situations. 
On August 7, join Brad Karsh, JB Training Solutions as he shares what participants need to know about how to communicate confidently no matter how thorny the situation. Brad will detail how to minimize nervousness and anxiety associated with stressful communications, and he offers practical tactics for defending without being defensive, communicating convincingly when you’re feeling defeated, maintaining composure during a barrage of questions, and handling opposition from even the most antagonistic person.
Who Should Attend?
Individuals who want to be a stronger and more confident communicator in difficult situations.
Participants leave this webinar with the tools to:
• Frame bad news in a way that focuses on productivity and next steps
• Deliver personal constructive feedback without it being perceived as an attack
• Welcome differences and move towards a common goal
• Listen effectively and read between the lines to pinpoint solutions
• Sell an idea to a higher up when their mindset is opposite of yours
• Adapt to various personalities and predispositions amongst even the most argumentative people
• Maintain relationships and appropriately follow up on sensitive communications.  



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