Measure What Matters: Making Marketing Metrics Relevant

September 23, 2014
1 - 2 PM EDT
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Time: 1 - 2 PM EDT

For years marketers have attempted to grab the elusive marketing measurement and effectiveness brass ring.  And recent research found that the pressure to prove marketing’s value is on the rise.

Despite the wealth of campaign and operationally oriented metrics and the enhancements in technology, only one in four marketers earn high marks from their leadership team for their ability to measure and communicate their value, contribution, and impact.  So what do these Best-in-Class (BIC) marketers do differently and better than other marketers when it comes to marketing measurement?  How can your agency leverage these best practices for yourself and your clients?
On September 23, join Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing, who will help you understand what BIC marketers are doing to master marketing metrics.  If measurement is an imperative for your agency or your clients, this Webinar is a must-attend.
Why You Should Attend:
•  Hear what BIC Marketers do better and differently when it comes to marketing measurement and performance management (MPM)
•  Understand the concept of marketing metrics and measurement
•  Learn the categories of various marketing metrics and how they relate to communicating and reporting performance.
·Marketing Metrics Abound: Why is this so hard?
·Marketing Measurement – What is it?  
·What BIC Marketers do for Performance Measurement
·Accountability: Measure what matters
·Introduction to the Metrics Hierarchy
·The Secret Sauce: Alignment
·Selecting the Right Metrics: A three-part Stakeholder Conversation.
About Your Webinar Leader:
Laura Patterson’s marketing and sales career spans nearly 30 years having worked for both large public companies such as State Farm and Motorola and as well as start-ups.  In 1999, she co-founded VisionEdge Marketing (, a data-driven metrics based strategic and product marketing company that specializes in improving marketing performance and helping organizations create a competitive advantage designed to attract, secure and retain profitable customers. 

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