Selling Creative Work to Clients and Prospects

October 23, 2014
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM EDT
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Most creative staff would like to think that the work speaks for itself. And it frequently does. The problem is that your clients and prospects don't  speak "creative."  This workshop helps creative staff to sell their ideas in a language that clients and prospects understand so that the agency’s best concepts get accepted.

You will learn how to sell concepts and not executions and how to generate enthusiasm for your ideas. Most importantly, you will learn how to develop your credibility, so that clients willingly and enthusiastically follow your recommendations.

This workshop is designed to insure that your best ideas are accepted and not watered down. The end result is better work, less negotiation over executional details and less time spent implementing client’s suggestions.

Agencies all over the world have successfully implemented the tools and techniques that Filament Inc. has recommended allowing creative staff to understand the client’s point of view and more successfully get their concepts accepted.

* Getting clients excited about the creative, so that they are willing to take a risk
* Getting clients to concentrate on the concept rather than the executional detail (e.g., font, color, etc.)
* Presenting ideas with greater impact, clarity and focus
* Helping all types of clients understand and personally relate to the creative
* Becoming more persuasive
* Creating more “theater of the mind” through set up, and physical delivery of concepts
* Holding the listener’s attention and become more engaging
* Increasing confidence and clarity
* Establishing creative staff’s credibility in the mind of the client
* Presenting effectively as a team
* Handling difficult client objections and questions without becoming defensive.

Who Should Attend
* Must attend!   –  Creative staff that presents work to clients or prospects
* Must attend!   –  Creative directors that have direct reports
* Should attend! –  Anyone that presents creative work to clients or prospects.

About Your Seminar Leader
Chris Schnurman is Vice President at Filament Inc., a pitch consultancy and training firm that works exclusively with advertising agencies in the areas of selling creative work, presenting ideas, and improving team and client communication skills.

Prior to joining Filament, Chris spent seven years in the agency world, most recently as a VP, Planner within the Havas network. While at Havas, he moderated countless workshops helping agency teams and clients align on creative and strategy and insuring that the best work was approved for the brand.  

8:30 AM     Registration and Continental Breakfast (included in registration fee)
9:00 AM     Workshop begins
12–1 PM    Lunch (included in registration fee)
4:30 PM     Workshop adjourns (approximately)


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Event Location
1065 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10018
(Enter at either 111 W 40th Street or 110 W 41st Street)

Registration is open to both 4A's members and non 4A's members.

Registration Fees
$275 per person, 4A's members
$375 per person, non 4A's members

Cancellation Policy
Excluding a $25 processing fee, refunds will be granted only if requests for cancellation are received by 4A’s in writing by Thursday, October 16, 2014. No refunds will be allowed after this date; substitutions will be allowed provided arrangements are made with 4A’s.


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