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Managing Up and Sideways: How to Make Things Happen When You’re Not in Charge

Managing Up and Sideways: How to Make Things Happen When You’re Not in Charge
When: May 22, 2014 1 - 2 PM EDT

Most agency people constantly have to get things done by working with people who don’t report to them. Whether those other people are in other agency disciplines, in the client’s organization, or even in the client’s other partner shops, simply demanding or even nicely requesting what you need doesn’t always work. Instead, we must foster relationships that make people want to help us.
And in addition to managing all those sideways relationships, people have to be able to skillfully manage their relationships with their supervisors, department heads and other agency honchos. The work of these senior people is often so complex that it’s hard to get their attention – or to communicate with them skillfully in the brief time they have for internal one-on-one conversations.
On May 22, join Sheila Campbell, Wild Blue Yonder, who will give attendees the specific actions they can take to inform, motivate, inspire and direct other people when they have no formal authority. We’ll explore:
• How to develop a relationship of mutual advantage with people who don’t report to you
• Pitfalls to avoid in working with people who hold the power to make things happen…or not
• How to examine your own actions to check for inadvertent insensitivity to others’ needs
• When to take issues up the line for resolution, and how to do that when absolutely necessary
• What agency senior executives most appreciate from their direct reports and others who don’t report to them
• How to find a mentor
• How to communicate effectively with senior management.
What You Can Expect from This Webinar
Participants will learn to think before acting, making sure that the way they interact with peers or up the ladder is productive. They’ll learn specific skills to help them develop and maintain relationships over time, and they’ll know how to identify trouble spots long before problems become serious.
About the Webinar Leader
Sheila Campbell is president of Wild Blue Yonder, a consulting firm based in Washington, DC. She conducts training sessions in managing client relationships, leading integrated accounts, presentation skills, creative thinking and leadership issues for agencies across the country. Before starting Wild Blue Yonder, Sheila spent her career in account management and agency ownership.
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