The Best Practices of the Best Agency Leaders

October 2, 2014
1 - 2 PM EDT
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In the agency business, the company’s inventory literally goes up and down the elevator every night. Knowing what motivates agency people – and what demotivates them – is critical for successful agency leadership. By taking a proactive approach to these issues, agency leaders can help associates feel more committed and vested in the agency’s success. The most successful agency leaders put people issues first, not last

Based on insights from hundreds of interviews and numerous surveys of agency employees, join Tim Williams on October 2 as he takes a look at the issues that press upon the minds of agency people and affect both their morale and performance. We explore in depth issues and challenges such as:
•  Identifying and dividing agency management roles and responsibilities
•  The critical importance of the “soft” side of agency management
•  Telling your people what they’re doing right, not just what they’re doing wrong
•  Assessing your staff and clients to keep the best and deal with the rest
•  Casting people in roles that make the most of their strengths
•  How to capitalize on strengths and make weaknesses irrelevant
•  Why agency people value clear roles and responsibilities
•  Allowing your best people to do what they do best
•  How to make integration really happen
•  The difference between custom problems and routine problems
•  Putting systems in place to address chronic agency issues
•  Treating professional development with the same importance as other professions
•  The motivating effect of ambitious goal setting
•  Maximizing the effectiveness of the agency work environment
•  Sharing the future view of the agency and how your people fit in.
Based on data and insights from over a decade of internal agency surveys and interviews with hundreds of agency professionals, this Webinar delves deeply into what makes agency principals effective leaders, not just efficient managers.
Who Should Attend
This Webinar is designed exclusively for agency leaders and principals, including other members of executive management.
About The Presenter
Tim Williams is founder of Ignition Consulting Group (, a leading U.S.-based consultancy devoted to helping marketing communications firms create more value for their clients. Tim is a noted author, international speaker and presenter for major industry associations, agency networks and business conferences worldwide.
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