Show Me the Money: What You Need to Know about Agency/Client Financial Relationships

September 11, 2014
1 - 2 PM EDT
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In today’s economic challenges, agencies need to pay more attention than ever to getting the money right. Account leaders and many other people in the agency who aren’t in the accounting or finance departments need to understand how their agencies make money, how to make sure the agency is getting paid and making a profit, and how to avoid common financial mistakes.
Too often, agency people are brilliant in their disciplines, but less familiar with the financial realities of the business. Some managers were never taught how agencies actually make money in the first place. But it’s how client work is managed day-to-day that determines whether an account will yield its anticipated profit, no matter what assumptions are built into the compensation agreement.
On September 11, join Sheila Campbell, Wild Blue Yonder as she reviews:
•The basics of agency financial underpinnings
•How to protect the agency’s financial interests with clients
•Why write-offs are so much more damaging than they appear
•What to watch for to make sure write-offs don’t happen.
Participants will also learn about the five possible strategies to use for talking about money with clients, and how to size up situations so they can use the most effective approach.
What You Can Expect from This Webinar
As a result of this Webinar, agency managers will appreciate how everyday actions inside the agency make a huge difference in the agency’s profitability, and account leaders will feel more confident in talking with clients about money.
Who Should Attend?
This Webinar is useful for anyone from junior AEs to account supervisors, as well as creative, production, direct, digital, public relations and promotion managers who have financial responsibilities on their accounts.
About the Webinar Leader
Sheila Campbell is president of Wild Blue Yonder, a consulting firm based in Washington, DC. She conducts training sessions in managing client relationships, leading integrated accounts, presentation skills, creative thinking and leadership issues for agencies across the country. Before starting Wild Blue Yonder, Sheila spent her career in account management and agency ownership.
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