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Empower MediaMarketing
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Privately Held
Woman Owned
(A woman-owned business is a proprietorship, partnership, corporation or joint venture that is 51% owned, operated and controlled by one or more women.)
In the simplest terms, Empower is an independent media agency that plans, buys, creates and proves the impact of media. But we’re different from other media agencies in that we’re:

Independent: Since we’re independently-held, you get a flexible and nimble approach. Your media plans are customized to fit your business needs. We don’t buy our media in bulk, like media agencies that are part of a large, publicly-held holding company sometimes do.

We Create Media: In the larger media mix, content attracts and engages a broader consumer audience. Content is the new ad unit and we help marketers become publishers to capitalize on the potential of content marketing.

Once a marketing trend, content marketing is now mainstream as it allows brands to connect more deeply with their audiences and drive business. It’s critical this part of the media mix not only coordinate with paid media efforts, but leverage paid media through our media partner relationships. Due to its increasing importance and its ability to turn non-working dollars into working dollars, media agencies must lead these efforts.

We Prove Its Impact: Regardless of the services we provide, Empower delivers proof that your paid media investment is delivering results. This requires a partnership between Empower and you, sharing only the most important pieces of data that allow us to make this connection. And considering a brand’s single largest expenditure is typically its paid media investment, shouldn’t every brand be able to prove this investment is working?

In the age of big data, the task is not getting the data, it’s bringing together the right data streams to find powerful insights.

These data streams make ROI easier to prove, but they also make it more critical than ever to do so. The mix of slow and fast data we access shows us how fast the pace of change really is. In fact, we’ve known for some time that growing business requires companies to be focused on everyday outcomes. This results in a world where performance and results need to be monitored – every. single. day.

We’re different from the competition in that our approach to maximizing the value we bring you is literally Every Day.