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Wildfire, LLC
Wildfire, LLCPhone (336) 777-3473
709 North Main StreetFax (336) 354-0047
Winston Salem, NC 27101-3028URL
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Privately Held
Wildfire is an integrated marketing communications company that is committed to providing our clients with innovative ideas and marketing solutions that result in business and brand growth.

Our promise to clients is:

We will grow your business by making your communications work more effectively while saving you time and money and ultimately lowering your blood pressure.

Our ability to do this so effectively is due to our business model, which is built on the following factors:

1. Our unique combination of big agency strategic expertise with the executional efficiency of a small shop.
2. Our proprietary Connective Intelligence Process, which focuses on creating more intelligent, rewarding and ultimately business-building relationships between brands and consumers.
3. Our commitment to commerce-based creative, which we define as Connective Communications. High-concept, high-quality creative dedicated to communicating the right message, to the right target audience, in the right tone of voice, at the right point of contact motivating them to be
4. Our internal structure, which is cross-functionally collaborative and where everyone is a Marketing Stratecutionist™ and brings their individual talents and area of expertise to the table.
5. Our integration model, which isn't exclusively about creating seamless marketing programs, but also encompasses the idea of connecting ourselves into our client's reality and our own environment. We don't just look at the task at hand, but at a holistic picture of the client's business and the broader cultural reality - allowing us to be more responsive, effective and creative at delivering against our client's needs.