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Laughlin Constable Inc.
Laughlin Constable Inc.Phone (414) 272-2400
207 East Michigan StreetFax (414) 272-3056
Milwaukee, WI 53202-4996URL
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Privately Held
"Our business creates ideas. Our ideas create business." This has been our moniker for 35 years. What it means for us today: Engage with us and you'll enter a pragmatic culture. We are students of "what works" and will suggest nothing that isn't rooted in sound strategy, arresting connection and elegant execution.

Full Circle Branding is our process. It means we offer all marketing disciplines under one roof, so we are agnostic in the solutions we recommend. Practically speaking, it means that if an app makes sense, developers are down the hall. And if social could be lit afire with an idea, the people who can do that are likely in the next room.

We are built for the immediacy of the digital age.

Mobium, one of the nations most respected B2B agencies, is under the LC umbrella.