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We believe that now is the time to reinvent the way the media business works to deliver what you really want: communications that are measured in one common currency, business results.

We have refocused our business on these simple principles:
• We believe that all media should be like digital – measurable in terms of business outcomes.
• The focus on business outcomes is the foundation and start of our communications advice to you. It’s the promise and the logical evolution of communication planning.
• Delivering engaging consumer experiences require two key components: analysis and imagination. The two combined produce the best advice, the best creativity and the single-minded focus on business results.

The Performance Pathway is our worldwide process to deliver performance-led communications. Yes, it is a communication planning process, but more than that, it’s a way to focus your communications on delivering business results. We believe that through Performance Pathway, we’re evolving the way we do business – better thinking, more innovative consumer experiences and a single-minded focus on business results. We believe that we will lead the industry and our clients into the evolution of communication planning – performance-led communications.