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Fallon Worldwide
Fallon WorldwidePhone (612) 758-2345
901 Marquette Avenue, Suite 2400Fax (612) 758-2346
Minneapolis, MN 55402URL
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Fallon was created for clients who'd rather outsmart than outspend the competition.

Those marketers refuse to accept the status quo. They want to take their businesses and their brands to leadership status; not just in sales but as definers of what their category can be. They like a good laugh, and enjoy people who take business--but not themselves--too seriously.

Over the years Fallon's value proposition hasn't changed. But our ability to deliver on it has grown in scope, geography, and resources. We have creativity centers in the world's economic hubs, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and an obsessive desire to get our clients' customers excited. And we use technology in ways that shortcut bureaucracy and get us smarter, faster.

For some clients, we help take a business to new heights. For others, the job is to make a great brand great again.

The result? Our people do the best work of their lives. Our clients get a relationship that's committed, exhilarating, and high performance