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WHITE64Phone (703) 793-3000
8603 Westwood Center DriveURL
Fourth FloorContact Carrie Edwards
Tysons, VA 22182E-mail
Privately Held
Fifty years ago, our agency’s founders were the disrupters of their day.
Inspired by original “Mad Men” like Bill Bernbach and Helmut Krone, our founding partners believed passionately in the power of ideas. Convinced that concept-driven campaigns would enable "David"-sized clients to triumph over competitors with "Goliath"-sized budgets, they shaped a vision for an independent agency focusing on campaign ideas that would simply refuse to be ignored.
So when Nolan, Duffy and White opened its doors in a small Georgetown office in 1964, more than an advertising agency was formed: A culture was created, and a course for the future was set.
We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2014, and in celebration of our past and future dreams we are now simply WHITE64. Our agency has evolved over the years, as have our clients and their prospects, and we’ve learned a great deal.
Here’s what we know:
• Content and technology are the new creative
• Big data is replacing mass media.
• Authenticity and trust in a brand cannot be fabricated
• Consumers have rejected being sold; they want relationships with brands they believe in and trust.
So as an agency, we’re no longer focusing on simply generating sales. We direct our talent, tools and tenacity toward a higher level outcome—we create believers. Why? Because believers amplify authenticity share their passion and champion brands.
And while focusing on creating believers, we also pay close attention to what’s happening in our own backyard. We’re a family-oriented agency, founded by a father who was succeeded by his son. It sounds like a cliché to say we treat our own people like family, but so what. In our case, it’s true. At a time of great skepticism and scrutiny in the agency business, we’re proud of the unique family atmosphere we’ve created here at WHITE64. We have long-standing relationships with many clients and employees—testaments to the passion and commitment we all have for this agency. We believe our team has the talent, skill, passion and tenacity to compete with the best in the business. To prove it, we’ve made significant investment in our future to create the type of work environment that will allow our team to excel. In February 2016 we moved into a new, modern office space in Tysons, Virginia, equipped with upgraded technology and infrastructure including new laptops, new servers, and new AV equipment. We also instituted new, progressive operating policies and employee benefits such as flexible work schedules and unlimited PTO to recognize the evolving workforce needs and to improve the work-life balance for our employees.
At WHITE64 we're all about believing—in our clients and their brands, in the ability of consumers to recognize quality and value, and in ourselves and our ability to make an impact and achieve substantive results.