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160 Varick StreetFax (212) 633-1710
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KBS is New York’s newest global marketing agency serving clients like American Express, BMW, BMO, Home Goods, Keds, Monster, Vanguard and more.

Inspired by Tough. At KBS we are inspired by the tough stuff. We believe we have the creative courage and the critical capabilities to solve any problem you bring to us. It might not be easy, but it is possible. Simply put we love a challenge and we rise to them. We have proven we can beat tough odds to deliver truly transformative results. Time and time again.

So How Do We Do It? We hire and train for people who we describe as creative entrepreneurs. Creative entrepreneurs are people who demonstrate creative courage every day – they are willing to completely rethink how things can be done to try different, to embrace new, to be truly inventive. At KBS our people have endless intellectual curiosity; we really want to understand how businesses, brands and cultures work. We have no hierarchies, can withstand no buck passing. We are a no drama, no blame culture that focuses on action.

Beyond culture, we work differently. Other agencies take a client brief and then spend 99.9% of their time trying to respond to that brief. At KBS, we use a process we call Speed to Genius, which is about rapid, in depth definition of a challenge. This gets us to great solutions, faster.