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Rawle Murdy
Rawle MurdyPhone (843) 577-7327
2 Beaufain StreetFax (843) 722-3960
Charleston, SC 29401-1932URL
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Privately Held
For nearly 40 years, Rawle Murdy has been an idea firm. We’ve built a culture around them. A disciplined approach wrapped up in thinking smarter, faster and harder.

This is a place brands turned to when their backs were against the wall, but they had to make an impact. When every penny counted more than ever before. When they wanted to fight like an underdog. When they wanted to break the rules, but not the bank. When it mattered most.

This is a place sought after by creative souls and brave strategists and fearless leaders and innovators and winners. And here we earned our reputation as the best marketing firm in the region through year after year of campaigns so smart, they almost seemed simple. Campaigns born of nothing less than a seriously great idea.

And even though much has changed since opening our doors in 1975, one thing – the most critical thing – remains the same. We still help brands outsmart the competition without having to outspend them. We still turn little brands into big contenders. We still believe that it’s the size of the idea, not the size of the budget, that matters most.