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Ames Scullin O'Haire
Ames Scullin O'HairePhone (404) 659-2769
245 Peachtree Center Avenue NEFax (404) 659-7664
23rd FloorURL
Atlanta, GA 30303-1224Contact John Ames
Privately Held
Ames Scullin O’Haire (ASO) has a singular mission: creativity and passion in selling for our clients.

ASO is different from 99.7% of other ad agencies because the three partners have different areas of expertise and own equal thirds of the agency. We’re more balanced than an acrobat on a cement floor on the Kansas plains.

We mix insightful strategy (Ames), with persuasive creative (Scullin), and innovative media (O’Haire), but as good as our people are, we can’t do doodly squat without our fourth partner – YOU (our client).

We are unabashed capitalists who believe the only measure of an idea is its impact in the marketplace, as measured by the cash register.

Sales equals success. No ‘cha-ching’, no glory.

To achieve glory, we become brand zealots, learning all aspects of your business, competitive landscape and ways to increase marketshare, loyalty and revenue streams. We act as a CSI unit analyzing sales success and working backwards to discover triggers for purchase decisions. We then create messages and avenues to prospects that will engage, persuade and compel them to action, closing the sale and garnering loyalty like lint on wool slacks. We act as sherpas as we ascend your sales curve.

Our winning formula has created many successful selling campaigns. The process can be quite complex, but it doesn’t have to hurt. In fact, we work hard to make it enjoyable.