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Avrett Free Ginsberg, Inc.
Avrett Free Ginsberg, Inc.Phone (212) .83-2.3800
One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Floors 34 & 35Fax (212) .48-6.6518
885 Second AvenueURL
New York, NY 10017-2205Contact Frank Ginsberg
Holding Company
While other agencies scramble to reverse engineer themselves for the age of collaboration, AFG& was born with collaboration at its core.

We started life as a small, street-smart collective called Avrett Free Ginsberg, which became an icon of the original New York creative revolution by realizing that the more voices we could include in this thing, the louder we could shout.

Today, AFG& is an unlimited partnership between our people, our clients, and our media and production partners. While the rest of the industry plays catch-up, we're leaping forward with technologies and partnerships that every day move all of us faster to smarter and better solutions.

Collaboration isn't just a promise on a PowerPoint slide here. It's real here. It works here. Welcome to AFG&.