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Idea Ranch

Idea RanchPhone (918) 743-8822
4860 South LewisURL
Tulsa, OK 74105-5171Contact Jeff Tolle
Privately Held
We are Idea Ranch. Storytellers for national powerhouse brands who put a premium on the lost art of thoughtful service. Authenticity is our true north.


Idea Ranch
4860 S. Lewis Ave,
Tulsa, OK 74105
Phone: (918) 743-8822
Idea Ranch
224 E Douglas Ave.,
Wichita, KS 67202
Phone: (918) 743-8822


Total US51-100
Paul Brothers, Chief Executive Officer
In 1974 Jay Brothers, Paul’s dad, founded the company. In 1982, Paul went to work for his father. And in the spring of ‘99, after learning he had terminal lung cancer, Jay said something to Paul that remains the core of who we are today, “Hire people better than you, and you’ll be okay.”

He was right.

Paul is our coach, our compass, and our leader. He values a simple life, hates debt, tears up quickly with anything great, and is fiercely patriotic. His passion and enthusiasm for who we are, what we stand for, and what we do — fuels us. He says we’re all creative, no matter what department we work in. He tells us creativity is a muscle we were all born with, and in the right atmosphere it will grow and thrive. We believe him.

He is a father to five, husband to one — Brenda; they will proudly celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in 2013.

Paul is an avid golfer, fly fisherman, hunter, snow skier, adventure motorcyclist, and an instrument rated private pilot. Brenda says he’s “addicted to fun.”
Eric Barnes, Chief Operating Officer
Eric’s that rare kind of guy who earns trust in the first meeting — a straight shooter, man of action, who gives himself fully to the cause of his customers. He practices a “full immersion” approach to brand management, understanding his client’s business to the bone. It’s why so many of them consider Eric an invaluable part of their inner team.

He hasn’t missed an opening day of deer season since he was seven years old. He is an outdoorsman’s outdoorsman — fishing, hunting, camping, boating and of late, a passion for conservation advocacy.

Eric married his college sweetheart, Susan, and they are blessed with two girls; Emily and Ashley. Both are likely better shots than you are — gun or bow.
Jeff Tolle, Chief Creative Officer
A 25-year marketing communications professional and brand steward, Jeff has a track record of authoring solutions for challenges that might otherwise seem solution-proof. He has smart instincts and a gift for swiftly assessing both obstacles and opportunities. He understands the creative process from every angle – how best to procure, foster and protect it. And he is keenly aware that in business, it isn’t creative unless it sells. Don’t let the fancy watch and senior leadership title fool you. Jeff gets his hands dirty and gets it done. He prides himself on being actively involved in projects under his supervision. Never one to feign interest in accolades, industry awards or published works, the best testament to his chops resides in the unequivocal trust he’s earned from his clients and coworkers.
Dave Thomas, Chief Financial Officer
A fiercely smart man, Dave has earned the title “professor” within our walls — he knows...everything. He reads five newspapers every morning and has an uncanny ability to pry open hidden truths and opportunities in primary research. He doesn’t scan research, or flip to the executive summary — he devours it.

Dave Thomas, Chief Financial Officer, Smartest Guy in the Room. Too long for his business card title, but well earned, and appreciated by all of us.

Clients & Brands

Agency Clients And Brands
Client Name: Bushnell Outdoor Products
Start Date: 1/1/2005
Brand(s)/Services Provided:
BushnellCreative Production-AOR
Direct Marketing/CRM-AOR
Media Buying-AOR
Media Planning-AOR
Sales Promotion-AOR
Client Name: Toyota Motor Sales of America
Start Date: 1/1/2006
Brand(s)/Services Provided:
Toyota Trucks- Heartland InitiativeCreative Production-Other
Client Name: Under Armour
Start Date: 1/1/2011
Brand(s)/Services Provided:
Under Armour Other-AOR
Client Name: Fidelity Bank
Start Date: 1/1/2002
Brand(s)/Services Provided:
Fidelity BankCreative Production-AOR
Direct Marketing/CRM-Project
Media Buying-AOR
Media Planning-AOR
Public Relations-Project
Sales Promotion-AOR

Billings & Revenue

Allocation percent of media placed by this office
Local Broadcast37%
Out of Home8%
Digital (Internet, Mobile, SEM, Viral)15%

Specialized Services

50%Advertising - General Market/ TraditionalEnter optional description

5%Business-to-BusinessEnter optional description

5%DesignEnter optional description

5%Digital/Interactive | Website development, hosting, monitoringEnter optional description

10%Media BuyingEnter optional description

20%Media PlanningEnter optional description

5%OtherEnter optional description

Industry Experience

Apparel & Fashion | apparel
Automotive | aftermarket
Automotive | vehicles
Financial services | banking
Financial services | insurance
Financial services | investments
Healthcare | direct to consumer (DTC)
Healthcare | hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical services
Healthcare | managed care
Industrial, Manufacturing & chemicals
Non-profit, associations & public services
Public Relations
Recreation & Sports | hobbies
Recreation & Sports | sporting goods
Social Media
Travel | tourism