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Helen Miranda
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MRM Worldwide

1%Business-to-BusinessMRM WW has deep experience in the B-B space beyond winning b-b magazines agency of the year for 2004 and 2006 (ineligible for consecutive years) Some of our largest clients are global leaders in B-B marketing including: Avery Denison, Intel, Microsoft, Nortel, and Verizon.

1%Digital/Interactive | Blogging Discussion forums, community buildingMRMWW has built some of the leading community and self-service marketing platforms including notable sites as,, and These community destinations have delivered to our clients deep.We have also partnered with Radian 6 for monitoring blog activity and notes left on message boards

1%Digital/Interactive | E-Commerce SolutionsEnter optional description

1%Digital/Interactive | Mobile and WirelessMRM delivers digital marketing across all devices, from mobile phones, pagers, pocket PCs, and PDAs to wireless computers. We have also formed a relationship with Ansible Mobile a dedicated mobile marketing agency and a leading mobile technology provider.

1%Digital/Interactive | Search Engine MarketingIt’s no secret that over 80% of all web usage starts with a search query. To intersect this massive audience MRM has established a Search Engine Optimization team. This group ensures that our client’s sites are within the top list of the relevant search queries. Our proprietary methodology has been delivered throughout the agency development process to ensure success. Additionally, we have partnered with Reprise Media, a recognized leader in the Search Engine Marketing business.

1%Digital/Interactive | Website development, hosting, monitoringMRM is ranked as one of the top 5 digital agencies in the world. Our expertise covers all aspects of digital communications and development including strategic planning, data and analytics, content creation & distribution, usability and interface design, and our technology team is thoroughly versed in the latest web development applications.

1%Direct MarketingMRM has a world-class Direct Marketing practice. Testament to that fact is our winning track record-over the past decade we’ve won more than 160 EFFIES. At the core of our winning approach are talented targeting and segmentation experts who mine for actionable and motivating consumer insights, which for the basis of our programs. We are experts in all facets of direct marketing including platform programs to drive traffic, lead generation, conversion, upsell and cross sell.

1%Health CareAs healthcare companies upped spending, MRM has captured a large share of the dollars with successful 1-to-1 consumer DTC and CRM. Using sophisticated segmentation, research and a deep understanding of marketing/legal complexities, we root our creative in online and offline strategies that maximize a key consumer insight, connecting with patients in a deeply meaningful manner. That drives the desired action, from branded requests to acquisition, through patient support, leads and compliance.

1%Marketing Data AnalyticsAs data drives performance, MRM has deep resources in the housing, management and leverage of customer data as a key enterprise asset. The foundation for every initiative with over 300 analytics professionals, all of our work is driven and governed by generating maximum marketing productivity, this includes Customer Database Creation and Management, Target Segmentation, Cross-Media Program Analytics and Dashboards and ROI/EVA Analysis.

1%Media BuyingOur team is highly experienced in developing strategies that support the full range of digital programs including awareness, acquisition and retention-based initiatives. Our process includes utilizing leading industry resources and applying rigorous data analysis and ongoing performance optimization. MRM works with many of our major clients including General Mills and National City to develop plans across a variety marketing channels.

1%Media PlanningMRM is focused on developing effective online marketing solutions that build profitable relationships with our client’s target audience. We negotiate placements across a number of media vehicles to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time, via the most appropriate vehicles. The experienced team works diligently on behalf of our clients to deliver efficiency and effectiveness across a variety of online programs.

1%Multicultural | Hispanic/Latino AmericanMRMWW 2nd Generation is the only digital and direct offering that harnesses the market power of the most influential, fastest-growing sector of the Hispanic community: the second-generation (or U.S.-born) Hispanic. As featured recently in The Wall Street Journal, MRM recently executed a prominent research study in partnership with MSN Latino that confirmed the untapped power of the second-generation as the brand influencer within their multi-generational families.

1%New Product DevelopmentAt MRMWW we are masters in connecting brands and consumers, creating those relevant experiences and building brand engagements that result in both long-term brand equity and short-term profitability. We open up brands to engage with those who matter. Our team of strategists, analysts, and creative experts are challenged everyday to develop new products and services for our clients. These solutions vary in size and scale from digital destinations to widget and application design.

86%OtherMRMWW provides a broad spectrum of services across many industries the percentages are not accurate to our work experience in each category. Additionally, one area which has not been recognized is our experienced digital strategists, identify the right investments & channels to articulate a business strategy that addresses our clients’ key needs including Customer Experience Planning, development of Relationship Roadmaps and Demand Funnels, and establishing ROI/EVA metrics.

1%Recruitment AdvertisingAs the agency of record for the US ARMY MRMWW has successfully met the ARMY’s recruitment mission for 2007 during one of the most difficult recruitment environments in US history. Our deep measurement and analytics capabilities where a proven success to increasing lifts throughout the custom demand funnel. In addition through a powerful web strategy and creative articulation digital-driven leads are converting at 75% higher rate than other sources.