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Helen Miranda
4A's Agency Search Liason

Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communication

30%Advertising - General Market/ TraditionalWe integrate and implement creative communication solutions that get results – carefully adding our experience and expertise with international standards where appropriate and local practices where necessary.

15%Brand ConsultingWe know that every single touchpoint sums up our clients’ business and work to add our strong international understanding of branding practices with the means of Iran’s emerging market to cover branding, rebranding and brand maintenance.


7%Event MarketingEnter optional description

25%Media BuyingEnter optional description

4%Media PlanningEnter optional description

9%Other15-plus years across multiple disciplines, not to mention the highest academic accolades in the field, add up to equal a network and know-how that allows us to guide our clients – be them SMEs or multinationals – to great results.