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Moroch Partners

Office Employees201-500
Total US201-500
Total Worldwide0-50
Tom Moroch, Founder & Chairman
Tom began the company in 1981 with one client and an idea for an agency: living its clients’ business and getting closer to their customers. That first client is with us still, along with, as you can see from the site, an impressive number of others. Today, Tom focuses on the agency’s strategic direction and McDonald’s business, dividing his time between our Dallas and New York offices.
Pat Kempf, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman
Pat has helped grow Moroch from an agency handling the local McDonald’s business to one of four national brand agencies for McDonald’s. During his 17 years as CEO, Moroch experienced phenomenal growth. As Vice-Chairman of Moroch Holdings Inc., he now manages the interests of Moroch Partners, iNSPIRE! and NEXTMedia.
Matt Powell, CEO
One week into his advertising career, Matt was sent out of town, to observe at his first client meeting. But when his boss didn’t make her flight, he presented the agency’s media plan himself.

Matt’s been stepping up ever since—for accounts as diverse as Neiman-Marcus, Justin Boots and Uniden – and for us at Moroch, where he’s spent the past 18 years solving media puzzles for McDonald’s, Planet Fitness and Six Flags. An evangelist for new platforms and technologies, Matt describes himself as “constantly evolving.” We do well to keep up with him.