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Paul Brothers, President/Senior Creative Director
In 1974 Jay Brothers, Paul’s dad, founded Brothers & Company. In 1982, Paul went to work for his father. And in the spring of ‘99, after learning he had terminal lung cancer, Jay said something to Paul that remains the core of who we are today, “Hire people better than you, and you’ll be okay.”

He was right.

Paul is our coach, our compass, and our leader. He values a simple life, hates debt, tears up quickly with anything great, and is fiercely patriotic. His passion and enthusiasm for who we are, what we stand for, and what we do — fuels us. He says we’re all creative, no matter what department we work in. He tells us creativity is a muscle we were all born with, and in the right atmosphere it will grow and thrive. We believe him.

He is a father to five, husband to one — Brenda; they will proudly celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in 2013.

Paul is an avid golfer, fly fisherman, hunter, snow skier, adventure motorcyclist, and an instrument rated private pilot. Brenda says he’s “addicted to fun.”
Eric Barnes, Senior Vice President- Outdoor
It is a short list of people at Brothers & Company that knew our founder, Jay Brothers. Eric belongs to that proud club. Eric’s that rare kind of guy who earns trust in the first meeting — a straight shooter, man of action, who gives himself fully to the cause of his customers. He practices a “full immersion” approach to brand management, understanding his client’s business to the bone. It’s why so many of them consider Eric an invaluable part of their inner team.

He hasn’t missed an opening day of deer season since he was seven years old. He is an outdoorsman’s outdoorsman — fishing, hunting, camping, boating and of late, a passion for conservation advocacy.

As an Account Director, he manages some of the largest outdoor recreation brands in the nation, including Remington Arms, Bushnell and Under Armour. He also developed and leads Trophy Research, an internal research asset that gathers consumer insights to aid in the development of brand and product campaigns.

Eric married his college sweetheart, Susan, and they are blessed with two girls; Emily and Ashley. Both are likely better shots than you are — gun or bow.
Jeff Tolle, Senior Vice President
What would be one of the best compliments a Senior Vice President | Account Director could earn? They are admired by creatives.

Jeff is that guy. Officially on the account service side, Jeff inspires all things creative — from the brief, to how people work in a creative environment, and certainly the final product. Jeff plays an invaluable role in training and protecting the overall creative vibe at BroCo. Oh, and he has wicked smart instincts.

Jeff was hired straight out of college by our founder, Jay Brothers. Over the course of his career, he’s worked on the client side and for a number of agencies. Ultimately (and thankfully for us) Jeff came back “home” to Brothers & Company. He has a proven record of authoring solutions for challenges that seem solution-proof. Both for our company and the clients he serves.

Jeff leads as the Account Director for powerhouse clients like Chesapeake Energy and Toyota Trucks, although you’ll often find his fingerprints on most every lever of our business.

Golfer, avid hunter, part-time professional bass fisherman — all when his wife bestows the coveted “kitchen pass,” or he takes one of his three kids with him, which is most of the time these days.
Tommy Campbell, Senior Vice President- Creative Director
Let’s lead with this. Tommy Campbell is a great dad. He’s a devoted and loving husband to his over-achieving, marathon-running wife. He’s funny, a solid 5-handicapper and life-capturing photographer.

And the man hates average, emotionless advertising.

Tommy is like an open 220-volt wire — you can’t be around it without being acutely aware of its power and potential. He doesn’t just inspire, he pushes, stretches, trains and leads us. Year after year he raises the bar, on himself and the people around him. He is never satisfied — not because of some goofy stereotypical creative director ego, but because he knows we can do better. If pushed.

People like Tommy. Clients are energized by his passion and enthusiasm for their work, and our people count themselves fortunate to learn under him, and serve with him. He is a man easy to follow.

Tommy sports two young boys that are quintessential rock ‘em, sock ‘em, punch first and ask questions later firecrackers. His wife, Leanne, swears she has three children.
Dave Thomas, Vice President- Account Planning
Dave Thomas is an intellectual vault for the oil and natural gas business, the financial industry and the mysteries that makes those markets tick.

Our founder, Jay Brothers, hired Dave. He tells us he was 16 at the time, but we have our doubts.

A fiercely smart man, Dave has earned the title “professor” within our walls — he knows...everything. He reads five newspapers every morning and has an uncanny ability to pry open hidden truths and opportunities in primary research. He doesn’t scan research, or flip to the executive summary — he devours it. It has made him one of the most astute energy advocacy professionals in America.

As an Account Director, he plans strategy for some of our country’s most important energy brands, including OERB, Barnett Powering Progress, Kansas Strong, Energy Advances New Mexico and Energy Advances Arkansas as well as Fidelity Bank and F&M Bank.

This is like a bio for two people — he’s also a registered stockbroker, providing a remarkable insight for our financial customers in Tulsa, Wichita and Oklahoma City.

Dave Thomas, Vice President, Hired by Jay, Smartest Guy in the Room. Too long for his business card title, but well earned, and appreciated by all of us.
Mike Seiler, Chief Financial Officer
Any astute business person knows sustained growth requires a steady financial hand on the business; the systems, the assets, and the money. Mike is that guy at Broco. More accurately, he’s the right guy at the right time.

And he’s just getting started. Size allows you to do the things you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t afford. Talking, meeting, planning and talking some more — that’s all fine, but it only counts if you make it happen. Mike makes it happen.

A remarkably nice man — quick to listen, slow to anger, and always equipped with a smile. As we continue our growth these are important character attributes for our CFO — somebody that makes it happen, gets it done, and is a pleasure to work with.
Alicia Abele, Media Director
Okay, we said Dave Thomas was “the smartest guy in the room.” True, as long as Alicia is on vacation.

Alicia is world class in every possible way. Her 20-year career path was custom made for her leadership role on our team: JWT in New York, TM Advertising in Dallas, DDB Needham, Ackerman McQueen, and happily, where she’s found her home — Brothers & Company.

Alicia has a contagious smile. She leads, defends and promotes her people aggressively, which puts her smile to good use. She is a visionary — she values big idea thinking and challenges everyone who crosses her path to do the same.

Alicia leads without trying to lead. She is inspirational in the course of a normal day. She fights for her clients and will stand toe-to-toe with the strongest account personality — armed with her charm, remarkable experience, and the immutable benefits of a bigger brain.

For sport, Alicia and Paul Brothers love to argue (ideally with a crowd) the perfected balance of frequency versus impact. To date, it is a draw.

And she’s a mother and wife. We see how committed and protective she is of the people that work for her — and we’re not her family. It is encouraging, inspiring, and fun to watch. The world is a better place because of people like Alicia, and BroCo is an infinitely better company.